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Tools and Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Tools and Treasures of Ancient Egypt - Matt Doeden I found this book a bit short for my taste but this is a children's book after all so I suppose that's not so bad. The information given in this book was all very interesting and I did love those little questions that were in it sometime. Should be interesting for kids to try and answer it. Nice!

It was short and sweet (like this review. hee hee) and I did enjoy it a lot. The only reason it didn't get more than three stars was because it being a children's book it was a little too easy for me to read but even so I love everything about Ancient Egypt and this book was great. I even learned a little more like how some ancient Egyptian families didn't treat their slaves like crap which happened a lot because they were allowed to beat and kill their slaves but some families even adopted slave children as their own. Amazing!

Overall, Tools and Treasure of Ancient Egypt is a very short but informative read about life in Ancient Egyptian times, especially focused on tools and treasure. I liked it and would definitely recommend it for kids to read. It's very well written for children but I found myself learning quite a bit too. 3 stars!

Begin With Goodbye 1

Begin With Goodbye 1 - Lilly Wright I love serial series like this. I read a lot of short stories like these but Begin With Goodbye definitely is one of the best I have read so far. The writing is good, the characters are great and the story is intriguing. I just want to know what's going on!

Lycan Unleashed: Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency

Lycan Unleashed - Tiffany Allee So Lycan Unleashed was a bit of a disappointment for me. This really sucks for me because I loved and I mean LOVED the first two books, Banshee Charmer and Succubus Lost. This series... It was new, it was interesting, it had paranormal creatures I don't usually read about. And then this happened. I'm not sure why. Is it because the last time I read a book in this series it was over a year ago and my expectations for books are higher now? Maybe. But I just didn't like the story, the characters and how it was written. I know this author is a really good writer and personally I think the other books were better, way better.

The main character in this book is Astrid Holmes, who we already saw in one or both of the previous books. I can't quite remember but we did knew her a little bit, knowing she's a sensitive. She really wasn't my kind of heroine. I didn't like the way she was like always drowning in self-pity. Always whining about Mason, her job or her family, especially her mother. And she wanted to cry like all the freaking time. Jesus Christ.
Mason wasn't much better, either. I mean, he wasn't as annoying as Astrid but lots of his actions didn't make sense. And I usually love werewolves so much. But, ugh... the reason why he didn't want to get involved with someone new was just, and excuse me for my French, total bullshit. I really couldn't get it.
The only other character that I liked, only appeared in it for a moment and that was Mac who we know from Banshee Charmer.

The story confused me a bit. At some points I really couldn't follow it at all. It jumped from here to there. Also, it was all kind of really obvious what was going to happen. I didn't trust that Jarvis guy from the start. Very obvious there. Yes, sometimes guessing who is one of the bad guys isn't too bad but with this story I can't help but be annoyed by it. And I also must say that I didn't care for the romantic scenes either.

Although Lycan Unleashed started out very promising, it lacked character building, good dialogues and good romance. The story was too rushed, at times even boring and I couldn't seem to like any of the main characters. I wish I'd loved this book, I really did but sometimes a book in a series that you love just falls flat. But this doesn't mean I don't want to read the next book in the series, Vampire Games. I just hope it's a whole lot better.

The Renaissance: The Best One-Hour History

The Renaissance: The Best One-Hour History - Robert  Freeman I don't read a lot of non-fiction books but when I do it's usually about Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greece. That kind of stuff. But I've also always been vastly interested in the Renaissance, so when I saw The Renaissance: The Best One-Hour History on NetGalley I requested it immediately because lately I've been into history mood, watching a lot documentaries and wanting to read about it, too. Unfortunately good, quick, non-fictions like this book are hard to find but I plan on reading more of these On-Hour History things. Love it!

So one of the great things about The Renaissance: The Best One-Hour History is that (obviously) it can be read in one hour. I think it didn't even took me that long to read. So it's pretty quick but it summed up all about the Renaissance perfectly. I got a lot of information about it. Some I knew, some I didn't and I absorbed it all, at some times even surprised by how really interested I was in it all. Like I said normally I go for the time that went before the Renaissance but if we talk art wise than it's my favorite. I also loved how the Dark Ages were really dark in the meaning of not really evolving because of the Church and how in the Renaissance people were more open in the way they thought, the way art blossomed and how the first books got printed.

All in all, I loved this book. It was written in a way that wasn't going to slow or too fast. It was just right. A lot of interesting facts + this awesome timeline at the end. A quick, fascination, non-fiction that will interest anyone who is intrigued by all things about the Renaissance.

Daughter of the Sky

Daughter of the Sky - Michelle Diener First of all, I got this book months and months ago, back in March I think, and once again I'm pretty much hitting myself on the head for not reading it sooner. Someone needs to remind me to not ever let a Michelle Diener book wait this long. With that said, we can get on to talking about the book...

When Elizabeth Jones gets rescued from a shipwreck and taken in by the Zulus, she thought to have left her life in England behind her, being content with her life as a Zulu. Six years later, however the Victorian Empire invades Zululand and has declared war. When Elizabeth, now known as Inyoni 'bird', is asked to either infiltrate and spy in the British camp or leave because her white skin could cause too much trouble, she doesn't hesitate to help the Zulus and disguises herself as a soldier. It isn't long before she's discovered by Captain Jack Burdell but he agreed to keep her secret because he believes she's looking for her brother. In doing so, he allows her to sleep in his tent. Elizabeth needing to make a choice is torn between loyalty to her home and fellow Zulus and her feelings for Jack. When Elizabeth and Jack's attraction to each other grows and turns into something more, things get intense and far more dangerous than ever as the British and Zulu army move closer and closer to each other.

I've read all of Michelle Diener's books now and everyone who knows me just a little bit knows that she's one of my favorite authors. I've always said that The Emperor's Conspiracy is my favorite book by her but... dare I say, this might be changed now... Yes! Although I still love The Emperor's Conspiracy, I loved Daughter of the Sky even more. You can tell that writing this book meant a lot to Michelle and reading it meant a lot to me because it was such an incredible book. The whole story was amazing and I just fell in love with the Zulu culture.
I must admit that I've never been interested in this kind of history. I usually always go for the history of Egypt or Victorian England, The Tudors, that kind of thing but this book let me see how this kind of history is pretty great to read about, too. I didn't know a thing about the Zulus and I was impressed by how proud, loyal and noble they were. Really amazing!

The characters Michelle creates are so great to read about. She always manages to write them in a way that's likable, not boring and pretty kick-ass. Elizabeth definitely was one of them. Her devotion for the Zulus, her intregrity towards them and her love for her Zulu family was unbelievably incredible to read about. I don't know, it gripped me by my heart. It really did.
Jack Burdell was a whole other character. Very different from Elizabeth and the Zulus but so amazing. I loved him. I love how he was intrigued by Elizabeth's more wild side which came from her being a Zulu though he didn't know that at first. Their attraction to each other was almost instantly and so sizzling.
I was also very fond of Elizabeth's Zulu brother, Lindani. I loved how much he wanted to protect Elizabeth and try to rescue her from the British camp when the fighting was starting. What happened there, broke my heart and I had so much trouble not to let go of a few tears. But even with that heartbreak the story was really beautiful.

As for the overal story, I obviously loved it and I love how Michelle tries to include real historical facts (as you can read in the afterword). I always enjoy these kind of things. Anything historical I almost want to inhale. Anyway... this was both an entertaining and wonderful to read as a fictional book but it also gives historical facts, some true, some a little spun for the story's sake but it was so, so great!

Beautiful, gripping, heart-wrenching at times, Daughter of the Sky by Michelle Diener is one of the best books both by this author and all-time for me, personally. I loved getting to know and explore the Zulu culture and the historical facts. I won't ever forget this amazing story and characters and am startled by how I still can be impressed by an author where I've read quite a few books from but there you go. A lot of love for this book and it has definitely more than earned five stars!

Charming (Pax Arcana, #1)

Charming (Pax Arcana, #1) - Elliott James This was a book I kind of randomly started. Usually I plan the books I'm reading next but I saw it on NetGalley, ready to download and the description sounded so awesome that I decided to start it instantly. I love urban fantasy reads but had never read one in a male point of view or one that's written by a guy so, yes, I had high hopes for this book.
Let me jus tell you this, the beginning? Awesoooooome! That's a way to start a book and capture the readers' attention right away. I very much liked the way the author was going with this book the way he started it and I hoped it would be this great throughout the whole book.

The characters in this book were all great and interesting and intriguing to read about. But let's start with our main character, John Charming. You might've heard about the Charmings before. No? Not even in fairytales? Charming isn't just one guy, prince, knight whatever... it's a line of Charmings. How great is that? I might've squealed when I read that part. But back to John... to say he's pretty damn awesome is an understatement. I loved him right away, from the moment he started his story. As a half-werewolf/human/knight, his life hasn't been easy. For the last twelve years he's been trying to lay low, but having a misterably lonely life. It's not like he's this bitter, pitty person with everything he has to go through, though if he'd continued on like this he would've become one eventuelly. But even so, he knows it could be worse. He even says so in the book. And that's one of the major reasons I love him. + he's so hot! And funny, sarcastic. You get it, right?

Then there's Sig, the blonde Valkyrie. That's right! VALKYRIE. I don't know about you but I haven't read too many books about Valkyries, none actually, so I loved that there was one in it. There are a lot of creatures in it that I didn't know about before so yay. But Sig, I really liked her. She was kicking ass all around and saving John's butt a lot. When you least expect it... Bam! There's Sig! And of course they get a little thing going on. If only Sig didn't have that douchebag Dvornik as boyfriend...
I'm sure if you read this book we can all agree that we really, really, really dislike Dvornik and root for John and Sig. I know I was thinking, die motherfucker die all the time he came in the book. But okay. I do love how Sig knew she couldn't cheat on him with John because that would be wrong and she never really did in my eyes but that's open for discussion. Dvornik was an asshole who couldn't handle him getting older while Sig stayed young and did all kinds of really bad things. But all books gotta have a guy like this, no?

We also had some other people in the team like Molly. I liked her. She used to be some sort of priest. She still is but her encounters with the supernatural left her a little bit messed up. I like her quirkiness though. Choo, was also a great character. At the end I felt bad for him with what happened there and I agree that doing these things he does is bad for him. You'll know when you read it. Oh and then there's this guy who's a naga. I also hadn't heard about these creatures but that what I liked so much in this book. So many mystical creatures that you don't read about in other paranormal books.

There was a lot of world building and explaining about the pax arcana, the knights, mythlogy and a lot more. Through the middle of the book this became a little much to me. It was quite a lot information dump and I know that a huge reason why some people didn't like it so much. I felt a little bit the same but got over it pretty quickly when the story got awesome again. And just remember, there's a reason for all the information. It says so at the end of the book. And I think it's pretty great.
Another aspect that I really thought was great were the vampires. They weren't the hot, sexy, brooding kind you see so much these day. I mean there's nothing wrong with vampires like them. I love vampires like them but it's nice to see a twist like this.
The story in overall was good, too. A crazy teenage vampire having a master plan that involves tunnels, blood, human trafficking, more blood and just overall craziness. And just when you think it's over, it isn't!
Elliott James has a unique writing style, I loved it. I just loved reading John's story and the way he experienced everything that happened to him. I love how he had a lot of epiphanies about how he couldn't go on like this and it pretty much makes a way open for the next story. Because John's story (and Sig's) sure as hell isn't over. Or so I hope...
Oh and the chapter titles in this book are pretty funny too. I laughed my ass off so many times.

So all in all, a pretty damn great story. Maybe a little too much information that made me crazy and bleh but other than that I really enjoyed this story. The author had a really original take on fairytales' Charming and spun it into something unique and fascinating to read. I can't wait to read the next book in the series and to find out more about this amazing world!

No Immortal Can Keep a Secret (Bane Chronicles, The)

The Fall of the Hotel Dumort - Maureen Johnson, Cassandra Clare The Fall of the Hotel Dumort is set in the 1970's and was definitely more of the, let's say, serious books in The Bane Chronicles. Because it involved Camille and her vampires, Magnus wasn't the way we see him usually but I still liked it because we also got a lot more insight about Magnus and Camille's relationship. We also briefly come across characters we already read about like Raphael and Catarina.

All in all, not the best part in the series but also not the worst. I enjoyed reading it like I always do with The Bane Chronicles and felt like we did need to read about this. Also there were some quotes that I really loved.

The Moth in the Mirror (Splintered Novella)

The Moth in the Mirror (Splintered Novella) - A.G. Howard Ever since I found out about this short story in the Splintered series I've been dying to get my hands on it. I don't think I ever really read the full description of it. They could've thrown anything at me as long as it had Morpheus. And I must say I am not disappointed!

The Moth in the Mirror was really great. I started out six months after Alyssa left Wonderland with Jeb and Morpheus taking a literal trip down memory lane. Not just any memories... Jeb's memories of when he was in Wonderland as to find out why he has such a hold over Alyssa's heart and to find out what he can do to capture it as its own.

So basically this book had the best of both worlds and none of the fans could be disappointed since it had Morpheus in it and also Jeb. I found it pretty originally done by A.G. Howard. It's six months after the events of Wonderland and Morpheus kind of pines over Alyssa so he wants to find out what's so special about Jeb and eventually comes to a decision...

This novella should be able to satisfy us Splintered fans, but really all it does is make me want Unhinged all the more.
Also I had forgotten what a wonderful writing A.G. Howard is. Everything is so colorful and deliciously descriptive. I love her Wonderland! So as far as novellas go, I really liked this one. Not the best I ever read but damn it, it has Morpheus and I missed him. So that makes it a very good novella in my eyes. And I guess Jeb isn't too bad either...

4 Stars! <3

Her Mad Hatter

Her Mad Hatter - Marie Hall I've been meaning to review Her Mad Matter ever since I finished it but other books came in the way. Yadayada, you know how it goes. Still, I wanted to write one for this book because I enjoyed it so, so much.
Just like Alice's character in this book, you could say I'm obsessed with the Mad Hatter. I love anything about Alice in Wonderland and I just adore Marie Hall's take on Wonderland and everything fairytale in this book. So when I found it for free on Amazon I knew I had to start it soon. It's also not a very long book, only 130 pages so I finished it in less than a day. I couldn't and would't stop reading.

Her Mad Hatter starts out with an awesome fairy godmother named Danika trying to find the 'bad five' mates. I seriously love this aspect of the book and I can't find out what's in store for the other four bad boys. Secretly I wish I could go straight to Hook's story... Anyway, one of the bad five happens to be the Mad Hatter from Wonderland, which obviously is this first story of this series is about. Over time Danika tries to find the right Alice for Hatter because his madness is slowly overtaking him but she never succeeded. Once they thought to have found the right one but that went miserably wrong. So Hatter basically had given up on the thought of someone special for him. Until Danika found Alice Hu who runs the Mad Hatter's Cupcakery and Tea Shoppe. Alice can't believe Wonderland is actually real and that the Mad Hatter is, too. Although afraid to open up to another Alice, the Mad Hatter can't deny his feelings for this Alice for a long time...
The only question is will she be the one that stays?

Aside from the fact that I love Wonderland and fairytales and everything, this book reminded me a little but of the tv-series Once Upon a Time, which I love so much. So it was hard not to obsolutely fall for this book. It has a very original take on all things Wonderland and like this series' catchphrase says; "Bad boys need love too." Damn straight! I can't wait to discover the other books in the series and read about the other bad five.
The only slightly negative thing I have to say is that I wasn't too thrilled with the ending although it all ended pretty good for Hatter and Alice. Overall it wasn't such a great ending as I expected but that's just a minor thing compared to the whole story.

All in all, Her Mad Hatter was such a great story about some of my favorite characters ever. It's wonderfully written, a great story overal and very steamy. Who knew madness could be so delicious?

Under the Never Sky

Under the Never Sky  - Veronica Rossi I must admit that with the first couple of chapters I wasn't really feeling the book just yet, but it got awesome really fast. And before I knew it, the story had me hooked.
Under the Never Sky had a number of really interesting and kickass characters. Aria, our main character was great. I really liked reading about her. I wasn't too sure about her at first but she quickly changed my mind with the way she thought and how she would do anything to find out what happened to her mother.
And then we have Peregrine "Perry". Oh my god! How amazing is he?! Him and Aria are definitely one of my favorite book couples, so I'm definitely rooting for them. Another thing I loved about this book is that there was no waiting through the whole damn trilogy before they get it on. Most of the time I hate it when authors draw it out, teasing us as well as the characters for several books when sometimes there's just no need for that. Also Perry has his own point of view which was my favorite to read about. I couldn't get enough of it.
Aside from the two main characters, there were also some pretty great others like Roar. He was awesome. I loved it when he and Perry intereacted together. So funny at times. I do hope Roar finds Liv.
Cinder was another character that we meet through Aria's journey via Roar. Cinder definitely was the most intriguing and I would love to find out more about him.

Veronica Rossi's writing was really working for me. It was never ever boring like some stories get and always caught m attention. As for the world she created, I think she did a pretty brilliant job of it. Aria's world in the pods where she could go to these virtual places was complicated but it was so original and amazingly written. I really felt bad got Aria when she got thrown outside and into Perry's world. She had a tough time there but came out stronger in the end. Perry's world was both terrifying and amazinf at once with those aether storms.

Also, there were some pretty big shocks like what Vale did. I mean, oh my god, how could he have done that!
Anyway... it's obvious that I adored this book. I can't wait to read the second one and find out what's going to happen next. I would absolutely recommend this book to everyone!

A beautiful story with amazing and unforgettable characters, Under the Never Sky is one of my new favorite dystopian novels. Veronica Rossi managed to create such a terribly fascinating world that I couldn't get enough of. So stunning!

Anyone But You: The Third in the Twisted Lit Series

Anyone But You: A Modern-Day Spin on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet - Kim Askew, Amy Helmes Ever since I discovered this series on Goodreads I've been intrigued by them. I love Shakespeare's stories although I haven't read Romeo and Juliet yet. I've wanted to start the Twisted Lit series but I never really got my hands on any of the books until I got contacted with a review request for the latest book in the series, Anyone But You. And because you don't have to read the other books in the series and because I adore retellings of any kind, of course, I jumped on the chance to do so.

Starting this book and meeting the main character and modern day Juliet, Gigi, I had a good feeling about Anyone But You right away. I liked Gigi a lot. She was very likable instantly and liked how, although she didn't want to tell her father that she really doesn't want to take over the restaurant, she has a pride about her family. Her encounter with Roman was short but I liked how their connection was like fireworks. They just clicked. One could say this is insta-love and I sure as hell don't want to scare people away by saying it the word but I personally liked it.

Beside the story about Gigi, Roman and the restaurants there were also chapters that involved flashbacks to the past where we find out how the feud got started into the first place. I loved, loved, loved those! But I must admit when that first 'flashback' chapter started I had no idea what was going on. It was a little confusing because when it's chapters in someone else's point of view I prefer there be some kind of warning at the beginning of the chapter that either says what year it is or who's chapter it is. But after the first two of those I was finally catching on and started to looking forward to finding out more because I was also interested just like Gigi as to why there was such a huge feud between the Caputos and Montes.

I also should mention that when it came to the feud I knew where things would be going. It was pretty obvious but it's not like that was something negative for me. It stil devoured this book like let's say... pizza. *chuckles*
But seriously, I really liked this book and there were also some parts where I was shocked with some things that happened. So it's not such an obvious book after all...

Overall, Anyone But You, the third in the Twisted List Series was a quick but entertaining story that I'm glad I got to chance to read. If you like Shakespeare, retellings or just a great book, you won't be disappointed with this one.

What's a Witch to Do? (A Midnight Magic Mystery)

What's a Witch to Do? - Jennifer Harlow I loved this book! Sure, I love all books by Jennifer Harlow but What's a Witch to Do is definitely one of my favorites from her.

What's a Witch to Do follows witch Mona McGregor, who's the high priestess of her cover. When werewolf Adam Blue shows up beating bloody, claiming that someone wants to kill her, she's forced to suspect friends and family. Together with the sexy werewolf at her side, Mona starts investigating...

Jennifer Harlow really did a great job with this book. I adore her FREAKS book and What's a Witch to Do being in the same world as FREAKS was such a great surprise since I didn't know that. Especially when characters from that series came in this book and a certain vampire got mentioned. Hee Hee.

The story (as always) was very entertaining, with fun and witty dialogue + an intriguing mystery that I, just like Mona, wanted to solve.
As for Mona as a character... I really liked her and the lists she made were so awesome. Also it's amazing how she could keep it together the way she did with everything going on like trying to find out who's trying to kill her, trying not to doe by the hands of a demon and raising two little girls on top of that + a whole lot of other things... I also loved her relationship with Adam and how it didn't really came out of the blue (pun not intended). They did know each other for almost two years, although didn't see each other a lot but at least there was the connection. Adam was an amazing hero. I love, love, love, LOVE werewolves and he was just so swoon-worthy and too darn cute with those little girls.

Overall, What's a Witch to Do by Jennifer Harlow for me was like the love child of Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld and Kim Harrison's The Hollows series. A great urban fantasy/mystery that definitely fits with them. I enjoyed reading it so much and never got bored. And I'm definitely looking forward to more in this series and by this author.

Saying Goodbye to Warsaw

Saying Goodbye to Warsaw - Michael Cargill First of all I want to thank Michael Cargill again for sending me his book for review. I really appreciate it.
This book isn't what I would usually read. Yes, I do like historical fiction but I wouldn't pick up a book about war if I would see it in a bookstore or a library but when I read the description I found myself liking the sound of this book and I decided to take a chance on it. I am SO glad I did. This book really did something to me and I would actually rate it 4.5 but as some of you may know I don't work with halves but still it should be that rating. Anyways, before I start the real review I would say that everyone should at least read this book once in their life. It's pretty damn special.

Saying Goodbye to Warsaw follows nine (almost ten)-year-old Abigail 'Abbie' Nussbaum and her family which include her older brother, Leo and their mother, Chana, during World War 2 in Poland. After being send to the Warsaw Ghetto life became increasingly hard for them but Abbie manages to live her life as best as she can and seeing things in a rather naive and although not entirely possitive but sweet kind of way.

First of all, let me say that I'm quite surprised by how this book overwhelmed and grabbed my attention. I must admit that the beginning was a little 'eh' for me. And I was going a little crazy with the author's over-ussage of the word 'whilst'. I'm not sure why it bothered me so much but there you go. But after the first 80 pages I couldn't stop reading anymore and I was totally caught up in Abbie's life. Actually, I was caught up in all the characters' lives. Chana's, Leo's, Elenka's even Borys'. My favorite character probably was Leo because I could relate to him the most. (And I just like male points of view the most)

As for the overall story, it was brilliant. And although I wasn't sure about it all at first, I loved the writing when I think back about it. It was quite dark but that's what I would expect from a book like this. And I loved it. Michael Cargill has a real talent writing a book like this that I admire.
The end was pretty shocking to me. When the resistance in Warshow arose I was hanging on every single word. And, yes, I was crying with that end. Actually I was already crying when something happened to Borys. How could I not? It's been a while since a book has impressed me emotionally like this one had. Sure, I couldn't expect a happy ending but yeah... I still hoped.

Overall Saying Goodbye to Warsaw by Michael Cargill was close to brilliant. Not perfect. It had some flaws like every book has but I really liked it. I even cried over it and I don't usually cry with books. The characters were close to my heart which made the ending all the more emotional for me. I'd recommend it to everyone, even if you don't like the genre or topic or whatever. Just read it. You might end up being surprised like me.

Blood Entangled

Blood Entangled - Amber Belldene After finishing the first book, I could only wait a few days before a gave in and bought the second book because the story was so stuck in my head, I was thinking about it a lot. I was so glad to be able to start the second book and be thrown back into this seductive world created by Amber Belldene.

Kos doesn't believe love can last a lifetime for vampires because of what happened to his mother and Andre. But when he and Lena get closer and closer he finds it hard to send her away to another household but he knows he has to for both their sakes. Or so he thinks.
Lena wants to leave Andre's household as fast as she can after all the rejections she got from him. But when she gets to know Kos more she realizes he's the one who stirs feelings inside of her but then he sends her away to the dark Mason who has even darker tastes.

Blood Entangled is mostly about Kos and Lena. I loved how Amber spread the seeds for them in Blood Vine already so that their story wouldn't come out of nowhere. I loved that.
I actually didn't expect to like this book as much as I did the previous because I didn't like Lena there but as a main character and reading her point of view I actually did like her. So surprising but great.
Kos I've always loved and he was even more amazing in this book. Although I was getting frustrated sometimes with him when he wouldn't admit his true feelings for Lena and being kind of a coward about it, I did like him. He and Lena were perfection together!
Lena and Kos being what the story really is about, Pedro and Lucas took also a huge part of the book. And I'd be lying if I wasn't secretly reading Blood Entangled exactly for them. I wanted to know where their story would go and, boy, it was so good! They're definitely my favorite couple so far. I love how this book and the series doesn't shy away from gay couples. More books should have this.
And as always the romantic scenes were scorching hot and sexy! Gotta love that.

Besides the usual characters, there were a few new and interesting ones. Gwen for example. Yeah, I did not like her. I mean, okay, she's kind of screwed up because of Mason and she doesn't know exactly how evil Ethan is but still... Then there's Uta. She was awesome. The oldest vampire the gang knows and she kicks so much butt. And she reveals of lot of pretty shocking things that I didn't see coming. I hope she'll be in the next book too. I like her. Oh and Mason. What a sick fuck he is! I got such a bad vibe from him from the beginning. Poor Lena.
And as for Ethan... He's still a motherfucking asshole. I found myself not liking reading his point of view. I really didn't want to know what the "bad guy" was up to but it wasn't as if it made the story bad. I just really dislike that guy. But overall the new characters (all of them and not only the ones I mentioned) were pretty good for the story.

If you'd ask me what book I like the best, the first or the second, I couldn't really say because I like them both just as much. Amber Belldene is such a good writer that manages to suck me into the story and that's hard to do. I need to be really hooked to like a book this much. So that says enough.
As for the next book, I'd love the story to be either about Pedro and Lucas or Bel. Bel would be an interesting character I think. There's a lot of mystery around him and with everything that got revealed... Damn!

All in all, Blood Entangled by Amber Belldene was an awesome sequel to Blood Vine. Sexy vampires, sizzling hot romance and a lot of action. What more does a reader need?

Blood Vine

Blood Vine - Amber Belldene I received this book a while back for review from the author and though it took me quite some time to actually get to it (you know, so many books, so little time...) —and trust me, I wish I had read it sooner now — I finally read it! I just want to thank to author again for being so nice to send the paperback version to me. This book was quite a ride for me and I really feel like I found a new favorite series to add to my shelves! <3<br/>
31-year-old Zoey Porter who works as a PR person. Every since her husband died, she puts up a wall trying to keep people, especially men, at a distance. She doesn't even let her boss, Ethan, who she's sleeping with, get close to her. When her firm sends her to the winery of a new client, Andre, she's startled to find out he's the one she had an almost one-night stand with him over a year ago. Surprisingly, Andre ignites feelings within her she thought died along with her husband. But Andre isn't an ordinary man and has secrets... Secrets that will change everything for Zoey and that will drag her into a world of blood, passion and possibly love.

Age-old Andre Maras is a vampire who has been driving from his homeland in Croatia a long time ago and suffers from the wasting disease but thinks to have finally found a cure in the wine he makes. He wants to not only cure himself but also his fellow refugees. When Zoey arrives at his estate to help them with the PR of the wine, he has to control his urges to bite her in fear of blood bonding with her. The one thing he vowed to never do again is bond with someone after the dead of his wife. But the thing about Zoey is, he can't stay away from her.

Zoey was an engaging main character to read about. I liked her from the start and all her reactions to Andre, also when she found out what he is was nicely done by the author. I also loved how she made friends with the women in Andre's household. I liked that she opened up a little to them too and not only Andre.
I must admit though as a character on his own Andre wasn't my favorite character from everyone in the book but it wasn't like I disliked him or anything. I did love him and Zoey together. They had so much chemistry and some very passionate romantic scenes. Gotta love that! And, damn, I loved the ending!

I haven't been this excited about a vampire book in quite a while, obviously. Lately all vampire books I read were mediocre to say the least. But Blood Vine? It was amazing! I was really surprised by how good it was and how fascinated I was by the story. Amber Belldene did such a great job making the book so interesting to read, not only about the vampires but also about all the other characters and the winery too. Blood Vine is definitely different compared to other vampire books. It's such an original story and it does not only feature Zoey and Andre. And though I love reading about both of them, I am also so intrigued and excited to learn more about the other characters like Andre's sons, Kos and Bel. I admit I was the tiniest but obsessed with them. *fans herself* I also loved Pedro (he's a riot!) and Lucas (who's Ethan's brother) so so so much. I can't even start to explain how much I hope they're going to end up together. With some unexpected events their whole relationship has become very intriguing.
Ethan is a whole different story. He's what we would call the bad guy in the book. And being a vampire hunter he has his own twisted reasons for wanted Andre, his sons and his whole household dead. Basically, he's a bastard. But damn it if I don't love reading about bad guys. I wonder what he's going to be up to next and how it will continue all!

There were a lot of facts about how a winery works that I never knew before. I loved the aspects about it and how it all fits together with vampires and what they discovered about that wine. Obviously the author knew a lot about stuff like this and did good research and that's what every author should do.
Amber Belldene's writing was flawless. Yes, it was. I have no negatives to say It was fast-paced, always entertaining and I loved the multiple points of view so we could learn more about the others too. Much love for that!

An imaginative, romantic and absorbing read, Blood Vine by Amber Belldene had me quickly hooked with its intriguing story about vampires and vine yards. In short; I loved it. I was captivated by the story and the characters the autor created. It was one of the best books I have read so far this year and can't wait to get my hands on the second book because I just need more. I would highly recommend Blood Vine to everyone!

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Trust in Me (Wait for You, #1.5)

Trust in Me (Wait for You, #1.5) - J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout First of all, I would give this book 4.5 stars if I could because I liked it a bit more than Wait for You.
Second, I never read a book that followed the same story but in a different point of view so this is is a first for me.
So, receiving this book for review from Edelweiss had me squealing a little bit. Okay, it had me squealing a lot. I was so glad that I got it, that I dove into it pretty much right away. And I regret nothing!

Trust in Me gives us a chance to get inside of Cam's head. *swoons*. I loved to read about what he was thinking and trust me, it was a whole lot. Cam is a lot to handle even when I was just reading about him. But anyway... with reading Wait for You not too long ago the story was still fresh in my head but still there were some things that even when it was the same scenes as in Wait for You, I didn't expect. I was surprised by some of Cam's reactions and thoughts to both Avery and other things. I definitely saw a new side of him. He's even more amazing than I initially thought. At first with Wait for You when he kept asking Avery out I thought it was more playfulness on his side but I've learned that soon the playfulness, although not totally has faded away, he was more serious about her than I thought. We not only learn more about himself and what he really thoughts about everything going down with every but we also see a lot more about Jase and Ollie. I would lie if maybe learning more about Cam's friends wasn't a little bit favorite aspects of this book. It made me so excited for the upcoming books that will feature them.
Also... Teresa and Jase? SUPER CUTE!

The scenes that were new in this book were my favorites because I kept learning new things about Cam, his world, his friend, everything. Those were probably the things that kept me going. Though I must admit that I book like this that's being retold isn't my favorite in the whole wide world of books but it was nice to have been inside Cam's head. Were it any other less interesting (and hot) character than him or any other authors than Jennifer, I probably would've rated it less stars. But the thing with Jennifer is, she keeps you entertained, even with a book where the story is so familiar it was rocking. The woman just keeps going and going, writing awesome books, doesn't she? Gotta love her!

So in short, Trust in Me was a really great book. I loved being in Cam's head and seeing the whole story in his eyes. I was entertained the whole time and am now even more excited for the upcoming books in this series. I can't wait to find out more about these characters I know and love! Another awesome book by J. Lynn and I'm sure there's more to come.