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Tools and Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Tools and Treasures of Ancient Egypt - Matt Doeden I found this book a bit short for my taste but this is a children's book after all so I suppose that's not so bad. The information given in this book was all very interesting and I did love those little questions that were in it sometime. Should be interesting for kids to try and answer it. Nice!

It was short and sweet (like this review. hee hee) and I did enjoy it a lot. The only reason it didn't get more than three stars was because it being a children's book it was a little too easy for me to read but even so I love everything about Ancient Egypt and this book was great. I even learned a little more like how some ancient Egyptian families didn't treat their slaves like crap which happened a lot because they were allowed to beat and kill their slaves but some families even adopted slave children as their own. Amazing!

Overall, Tools and Treasure of Ancient Egypt is a very short but informative read about life in Ancient Egyptian times, especially focused on tools and treasure. I liked it and would definitely recommend it for kids to read. It's very well written for children but I found myself learning quite a bit too. 3 stars!