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Blood Entangled

Blood Entangled - Amber Belldene After finishing the first book, I could only wait a few days before a gave in and bought the second book because the story was so stuck in my head, I was thinking about it a lot. I was so glad to be able to start the second book and be thrown back into this seductive world created by Amber Belldene.

Kos doesn't believe love can last a lifetime for vampires because of what happened to his mother and Andre. But when he and Lena get closer and closer he finds it hard to send her away to another household but he knows he has to for both their sakes. Or so he thinks.
Lena wants to leave Andre's household as fast as she can after all the rejections she got from him. But when she gets to know Kos more she realizes he's the one who stirs feelings inside of her but then he sends her away to the dark Mason who has even darker tastes.

Blood Entangled is mostly about Kos and Lena. I loved how Amber spread the seeds for them in Blood Vine already so that their story wouldn't come out of nowhere. I loved that.
I actually didn't expect to like this book as much as I did the previous because I didn't like Lena there but as a main character and reading her point of view I actually did like her. So surprising but great.
Kos I've always loved and he was even more amazing in this book. Although I was getting frustrated sometimes with him when he wouldn't admit his true feelings for Lena and being kind of a coward about it, I did like him. He and Lena were perfection together!
Lena and Kos being what the story really is about, Pedro and Lucas took also a huge part of the book. And I'd be lying if I wasn't secretly reading Blood Entangled exactly for them. I wanted to know where their story would go and, boy, it was so good! They're definitely my favorite couple so far. I love how this book and the series doesn't shy away from gay couples. More books should have this.
And as always the romantic scenes were scorching hot and sexy! Gotta love that.

Besides the usual characters, there were a few new and interesting ones. Gwen for example. Yeah, I did not like her. I mean, okay, she's kind of screwed up because of Mason and she doesn't know exactly how evil Ethan is but still... Then there's Uta. She was awesome. The oldest vampire the gang knows and she kicks so much butt. And she reveals of lot of pretty shocking things that I didn't see coming. I hope she'll be in the next book too. I like her. Oh and Mason. What a sick fuck he is! I got such a bad vibe from him from the beginning. Poor Lena.
And as for Ethan... He's still a motherfucking asshole. I found myself not liking reading his point of view. I really didn't want to know what the "bad guy" was up to but it wasn't as if it made the story bad. I just really dislike that guy. But overall the new characters (all of them and not only the ones I mentioned) were pretty good for the story.

If you'd ask me what book I like the best, the first or the second, I couldn't really say because I like them both just as much. Amber Belldene is such a good writer that manages to suck me into the story and that's hard to do. I need to be really hooked to like a book this much. So that says enough.
As for the next book, I'd love the story to be either about Pedro and Lucas or Bel. Bel would be an interesting character I think. There's a lot of mystery around him and with everything that got revealed... Damn!

All in all, Blood Entangled by Amber Belldene was an awesome sequel to Blood Vine. Sexy vampires, sizzling hot romance and a lot of action. What more does a reader need?