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The Moth in the Mirror (Splintered Novella)

The Moth in the Mirror (Splintered Novella) - A.G. Howard Ever since I found out about this short story in the Splintered series I've been dying to get my hands on it. I don't think I ever really read the full description of it. They could've thrown anything at me as long as it had Morpheus. And I must say I am not disappointed!

The Moth in the Mirror was really great. I started out six months after Alyssa left Wonderland with Jeb and Morpheus taking a literal trip down memory lane. Not just any memories... Jeb's memories of when he was in Wonderland as to find out why he has such a hold over Alyssa's heart and to find out what he can do to capture it as its own.

So basically this book had the best of both worlds and none of the fans could be disappointed since it had Morpheus in it and also Jeb. I found it pretty originally done by A.G. Howard. It's six months after the events of Wonderland and Morpheus kind of pines over Alyssa so he wants to find out what's so special about Jeb and eventually comes to a decision...

This novella should be able to satisfy us Splintered fans, but really all it does is make me want Unhinged all the more.
Also I had forgotten what a wonderful writing A.G. Howard is. Everything is so colorful and deliciously descriptive. I love her Wonderland! So as far as novellas go, I really liked this one. Not the best I ever read but damn it, it has Morpheus and I missed him. So that makes it a very good novella in my eyes. And I guess Jeb isn't too bad either...

4 Stars! <3