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Anyone But You: The Third in the Twisted Lit Series

Anyone But You: A Modern-Day Spin on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet - Kim Askew, Amy Helmes Ever since I discovered this series on Goodreads I've been intrigued by them. I love Shakespeare's stories although I haven't read Romeo and Juliet yet. I've wanted to start the Twisted Lit series but I never really got my hands on any of the books until I got contacted with a review request for the latest book in the series, Anyone But You. And because you don't have to read the other books in the series and because I adore retellings of any kind, of course, I jumped on the chance to do so.

Starting this book and meeting the main character and modern day Juliet, Gigi, I had a good feeling about Anyone But You right away. I liked Gigi a lot. She was very likable instantly and liked how, although she didn't want to tell her father that she really doesn't want to take over the restaurant, she has a pride about her family. Her encounter with Roman was short but I liked how their connection was like fireworks. They just clicked. One could say this is insta-love and I sure as hell don't want to scare people away by saying it the word but I personally liked it.

Beside the story about Gigi, Roman and the restaurants there were also chapters that involved flashbacks to the past where we find out how the feud got started into the first place. I loved, loved, loved those! But I must admit when that first 'flashback' chapter started I had no idea what was going on. It was a little confusing because when it's chapters in someone else's point of view I prefer there be some kind of warning at the beginning of the chapter that either says what year it is or who's chapter it is. But after the first two of those I was finally catching on and started to looking forward to finding out more because I was also interested just like Gigi as to why there was such a huge feud between the Caputos and Montes.

I also should mention that when it came to the feud I knew where things would be going. It was pretty obvious but it's not like that was something negative for me. It stil devoured this book like let's say... pizza. *chuckles*
But seriously, I really liked this book and there were also some parts where I was shocked with some things that happened. So it's not such an obvious book after all...

Overall, Anyone But You, the third in the Twisted List Series was a quick but entertaining story that I'm glad I got to chance to read. If you like Shakespeare, retellings or just a great book, you won't be disappointed with this one.