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Tears of Tess

Tears of Tess - Pepper Winters I haven't started to write this review three days after I finished the book. And everyday I didn't write it, it seemed harder and harder for me to start but how can I begin to describe my emotions for this complex, dark but totally compelling book?
I kind of knew I was going to love this book right from the moment I heard about it. The description alone had me hooked already and after seeing a few really possitive reviews of it, I bought it. And, oh my god, I loved it so much!

When she's on a vacation in Mexico together with Brax, her boyfriend of two years, Tess Snow gets kidnapped to be sold as a slave. She fights the human traffickers for all she's worth but things just gets worse and worse until eventuelly she's sold to Q Mercer...

“My life was complete. Happy, content, everything neat and perfect.
Then it all changed. I was sold.”

How can I express my feelings my feelings for Tears of Tess? It was dark, it was delicious. I was enarmored, I was absorbed.
I ended up reading it in only two days because right from the moment Tess gets taken, I wasn't able to pull away from my Kindle. I just had to know what was going to happen to her. I loved how she fought the human traffickers and at least made a stand instead of just giving up. And then she arrives in France in the possession of Q.
Tess was a great character to read about. Stubborn, strong, trying to never let anything break her no matter what happened to her and trust me, a lot of awful, disturbing things do happen to her. I loved how in the end she knew exactly what she wanted and who she wanted to be, compared to how her own issues and sexuality frightened her in the beginning.
And then we have Q...
Right from the start it's obvious Q has a lot of issues and dark cravings. But, damn it, I was so intrigued by him. I mean, he was almost everything you expect someone to be who buys or accepts slaves as bribes. Dark, twisted, struggling with demons of his own. And he was all that + downright hot!
I love the take their relationship took. I loved how Tess tried to fight him in every turn and how it disturbed yet arroused Q terribly.

I wanted a new label. One that said: girlfriend who will do anything to be tied, spanked, and fucked all over rather than adored.

This book wasn't perfect, not at all, but even so I can't give it any less than five stars or should I say five sparrows? Birds have great meaning in Tears of Tess. First of all, all the chapter titles were types of birds. That was just pure brilliance on Pepper Winters part in my opinion. Second, Q has a thing with sparrows that Tess really wanted to find out about (and she did). The symbolism for it, the metaphor, god... it was beautiful. It really was.
At times I was a little bit annoyed with Tess when one moment she'd feel a lot for Q (in a possitive way) when in the other moment went back to hating him. Drove me a little nuts but I suppose with a man as Q it's no wonder she felt that way. Also some of her actions were a little questionable which led to terrible things for her. But it's just something minor compared to the the whole amazingess of the book.
I must say though that I wouldn't count this book as a normal new adult. It isn't. This book is so taboo, dark and twisted, erotic and I couldn't get enough of it!

Q was deeper than I gave him credit for. Something lurked, dark and vile, but there was a human, as well as a monster, inside.

The writing in this book was just so enthralling, fascinating and simply addicting. I loved the way Pepper Winters formed sentences and wrote the story. Definitely one of the best written new adult books I have read. Genres like this either grip me or not and this gripped me so freaking much I'm sure I scared my friend with freaking out about it so badly while I was reading it. All I can say is, watch out for Pepper Winters. I absolutely see great books happening in her future and I can't wait to read them!

Two things I wanted most in the world: for Q to die a miserable death, and for him to fuck me.

The prologue was in Q's point of view and it was amazing. He told us about what happened to him to make him be who and what he is and I felt like it was a perfect ending to such an amazing book.
Also I have to say this. I had a little reading fuck where I didn't read for over two weeks and Tears of Tess really pulled me out of it. That's why I read. For books like this that capture and grip my heart and never let me go.

"You may not be mine, but I'm fast becoming yours."

All in all, Tears of Tess was a exquisite, totally different from other books, incredibly stunning read! This debute by Pepper Winters had a huge impac on me. The characters were all interesting and captivating to read about as was the story and the glorious writing just made me keep reading on and on. I can't wait for the sequel, Quintessentially Q, to read more about both Tess and Q! I have definitely found a new favorite series and author. Bravo, Ms. Winters, bravo!

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Saving Raphael Santiago (Bane Chronicles, The)

Saving Raphael Santiago - Sarah Rees Brennan, Cassandra Clare Saving Raphael Santiago was way better than the previous part in this short story series. First of all, 50's Magnus was pretty awesome, Second, it had Raphael, loved reading about him and how he became a vampire and third, Ragnor Fell was in it also. Score, score, score. Also, Ragnor + Raphael makes for some pretty awesome dialogues and annoyance from Magnus. Gotta love it.

So, yeah, another great part in The Bane Chronicles. Definitely one of my top favorites. As always can't wait for the next!

Anubis Speaks!: A Guide to the Afterlife by the Egyptian God of the Dead (Secrets of the Ancient Gods)

Anubis Speaks! A Guide to the Afterlife by the Egyptian God of the Dead - Vicky Alvear Shecter I think this is the first non-fiction book that I'm reviewing. It's not that I don't like non-fiction books. No, I do enjoy them. Especially if they're about Egyptian mythology. And this one was fantastic. I almost finished it in one time. I do know quite a lot about ancient Egypt, if I do say so myself. Ever since I was a kid I loved to read books about it, whether or not they were fiction or non-fiction and I also watched a lot of docus and movies about it. So yes, very much interested in it. But I've come to learn even more now about ancient egypt and the gods because of this book. So great!

This book is told to us by Anubis, the god with the jackal head. I've always liked that god and read a lot about him before but I definitely like how the author wrote him. He's so funny with his little comments every now and then. That's why I loved this book so much. It's not just a non-fiction read where facts are being told. Anubis makes it freaking hilarious and I'm sure kids as well as adult would love it. I did anyway. There were even the steps to mummification. That was one of my favorite parts.
The drawings in this book were so nicely done. They were also a big part as to why I enjoyed Anubis Speaks so much. I love drawings about ancient Egypt and these were really great. I wish I could have some of them to hang up. <3<br/>
So overall, Anubis Speaks is a fun, non-fiction story that's based on the Book of Dead and others, that takes us on a journey through the Egyptian afterlife told to us by none other than the god Anubis. There are a lot of facts we learn from this book but it's told in an amazingly fun way. I've learned a lot but also laughed a lot and that, people, is how you write a great non-fiction book. Also I'm definitely going to check out this author's other books. I think they'll be really great as well.

This book is definitely a 2013-favorite of mine because I was really impressed by how much fun I was having and didn't want to put it down one second although I had to eventually to get some sleep. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Young and old, whether or not you like non-fiction or not. Just try it and you might be really surprised and love it as much as I did.

Life of Forever: The Dreams Trilogy: 3

Life of Forever - Beth Bares I finally got around to reading Life of Forever, the final book in The Dreams Trilogy. These books have always been pretty special to me because the author, Beth Bares, asked me to review the first book a while back and so I ended up reading and reviewing the whole trilogy. Also I've always said I really like these covers and the titles. They're simple covers but I think they're just gorgeous. I love them. The same goes for the titles. So overall I'm really glad I got to chance to reads these books.

The Book started with a really great prologue (everyone who knows me just a little bit must know I love prologues in books and Beth Bares always writes really good ones!) where we found out how Elizabeth came to her adoptive parents when she was a baby. I loved reading and finding out about that. Very nicely done!
As the current story continues, Elizabeth is still struggling with being apart from Andrew even when she's still madly in love with him and being mad at James for being in a relationship with Gabrielle after everything she did.
I was kind of frustrated myself by James before it seemed like he was choosing Gabrielle over Elizabeth, who's been his friend for so long, but I was glad when Elizabeth got to her senses and realized that if she didn't want to loose James she should accept that he loves Gabrielle and is going to be with her. I was glad for that.

I liked the overall story, I'm was very satisfied with the ending. It was really beautiful. And I was glad to see it all end in a good way (not that I was expecting a bad ending but you never know with books!).
But my favorite aspect in this book (and pretty much the whole trilogy) was the romance. Yes, the romance was amazing. Loved it. And that ending, so romantic!
But I must say that some parts were a little confusing to me though in the end that wasn't as important when the rest of the story, the characters, the romance was so nicely done.

All in all, Life of Forever by Beth Bares was a great conclusion to The Dreams Trilogy. I loved reading it and this last book was my favorite of the bunch. It had some flaws but that was easily overlooked when looking at the overal novel. It was romantic, easy to read, a great pacing and fantastic characters. A very good ending to a good paranormal romance series and still a very nice take on immortals.
Irresistible Lines (Blurred Lines, #5) - Breena Wilde That ending! What. The. Hell. I need part six now!

Okay, you might have noticed I have this one star less than I did the other. I just didn't enjoy it as much as the other parts but I still really liked it. I was so thrilled to see Zane's point of view. I might've squealed... It also had Cadence's like always but also John Cruze's. Anyway, I really liked seeing the points of view from also the guys. Very interesting to know what they think and I am more than ever team Zane which made the ending even more heartbreaking!

Wait for You (Wait for You, #1)

Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn So, first of all I need to say that I love all books by this author, except maybe for Frigid. I wasn't too thrilled about that one. And that was my first new adult book I read by her. But I must say that Wait For You is a 1000 times better. Already the first chapter in it was way better than the whole book of Frigid. With that said, I must als admit that Wait For You wasn't flawless at all but it was definitely not a disappointment.

In Wait For You we meet a nineteen-year-old Avery who has moved across the country to attend collage and to get away from her home and everything that happened there five years ago. It's there that she meets Cam, who happens to live not only in her apartment building, but also right next to her, with his roommate and pet turtle, Raphael. It's not long before something beautiful grows between the two...
But Avery can't seem to let go of her past and soon it starts to stand in the way between her and Cam. Will she be able to trust in him or will she run away from him?

Wait For You isn't the best new aduly book I have ever read but it was pretty damn great and I read in like a day.
J. Lynn's writing always manages to entertain me from start to end and her stories never get boring.
However... I had come across some negative points. First and the most important one being Avery and my dislike of her. She frustrated me most of the time. The way she would refust to trust Cam while he had told her his big secret and that had been hard for him, too. Besides, I just didn't like Avery all that much as a person. Even when we finally find out what happened to her, which was drawn out for too long.
My second negative point is all the typos and errors in the writing. There were quite a lot of them and I know for a fact that it has also been bothering other people too. I just would expect better from an author like J. Lynn.
But all bitching and complaining aside, I really liked this book. Not the author's best book, but not her worst either and definitely a favorite of mine.

Let's talk about Cam (finally). I. Love. Him. So. Much. From his blue eyes, to his one dimple, to the way he always cooks Avery eggs on Sunday, to his overall amazingness. I she my favorite book guy from Jennifer's books? No. But, damn it, if I wasn't swooning everytime he appeared in the story. And how cute was Raphael?! Turtles and eggs definitely have a new more awesome meaning to me now (and I so want a turtle also!).
As for the other characters, there were a bunch that I loved. Like Avery's freinds, Brittany and Jacob. Especially Jacob was a hoot!
I also really liked Cam's roommate and family. Cam's parents were awesome and I love how kind they were to Avery. Cam's sister was great, too. I wonder what it is with that family and being awesome...
Anyway, even though I'm not Avery's biggest fan, the other characters definitely made up for it.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Wait For You by J. Lynn. It was an entertaining new adult books that I absolutely enjoyed even with the flaws it had. I would definitely recommend it.

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin So... my friend Em recommended this book me and actually payed for half because she wanted me to read it so badly. We've gotten into the habbit of reading a book the other one simply loves, while the other reads also a book the other loves and so on. It's a lot of fun and this way we can talk about our favorite books with each other and find out that some books can be quite surprising.

I must say I didn't get into it right away. I think mostly it was because I had just finished the most amazing book ever and it would take a really great one to make me forget about it but... Anyway it took me a while before I really got into it, although I read it really, really fast. I finished in less than a day. I think this is my record for a book this size. But it wasn't until after the first 230 something pages that I came to the point that I couldn't stop reading.

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is kind of a strange book. It fucks with your head but I don't mean that as a bad thing. It had also a very creepy feeling. Especially the beginning. And I started it in the middle of the night. I shoudn't have...
But once I got really into the book, I found myself unable to stop reading. Once I reached 60% on my Kindle I was like, fuck it, I need to finish this and find out what the hell was going on. I wanted to unravel the mystery that surrounded Mara Dyer.

Even though on Goodreads the genres say paranormal, fantasy, supernatural, etc... I found it more leaning towards mystery and thriller although there are paranormal aspects but I didn't feel like they were the major part of it and it took quite a while before those aspects were beginning to form.
I loved the whole story of a girl waking up in a hospital up to the news that she was in an accident were a building collapsed on her and that she survived but her friends didn't. The mystery of not knowing but slowly remembering must be hell. But I found myself not caring a lot for the character of Mara. I was confused as to why she wasn't more upset when she found out what is was she was doing even though she didn't mean to. (obviously I can't say why because that would be a huge spoiler). But I can definitely overlook this minor negative thing because of the plot.

As for other characters. I loved Noah. He's a perfect example of a sort of bad boy. He even smokes + He's British. What's not to love? But more than that he really cared for Mara. Aside from his I also really liked Mara's older brother, Daniel, and younger brother, Joseph. Daniel was very sweet and protective over Mara after her accident. Love him for that. And Joseph is just the cutest. Weird how I love Mara's family even more than I like her. *shrugges*

Overall The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin is a really great mysterious paranormal book that was quite the read. It's not perfect, but what book is? And after that cliffhanger I sure as hell want to find out what's going to happen next. A great, fast read that thrilled me and even creeped me out (in the good way) at times. I would definitely recommend it for fans of fantasy and mystery.

Cruel Beauty

Cruel Beauty - Rosamund Hodge e-arc provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.

A mix of fairytale retelling and greek mythology, Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge is a fantastically, imaginative story that blew me away!

The reason I started this book was actually sort of random. I wanted to read a book that I had received from Edelweiss because I've gotten quite some great books and I said to myself I should make work of them. Cruel Beauty was the one that spoke to me the most because of the amazing description and gorgeous cover. I just want to jump in the air and yell thank you for whichever other reason I decided to read it.

Cruel Beauty features a seventeen year-old girl named Nyx. She's been betrothed to a monster, a demon lord, all her life thanks to a bargain that her father made with the Gentle Lord who rules the kingdom. But until the day of her wedding which is on her 17th birthday she's been taught by her father how to try and destroy the Gentle Lord (a.k.a. Ignifex), avenge her mother and break the curse, with which the kingdom has suffered for over 900 years. When the day finally comes and Nyx marries Ignifex he seems different from what she has expected all her life, which was a cruel monster. Instead she finds herself drawn to him. As she struggles to find a way to free her people of the curse and uncover the Gentle Lord's secrets, she finds it hard to keep going on the right track and her heart protected from him.

"A virgin knife in a virgin's hand can kill the beast that rules the land."

This book... My favorite one of the year so far. By far. It left such a huge impression on me, especially because it's the author's debut! I can hardly believe it. The story itself was so fascinating. I couldn't stop reading at all and finished in two days time. At one point I was even walking and reading (don't try this at home, kids!) because I didn't want to stop. Yes, it was THAT good. The writing was unbelievable gorgeous. I all but inhaled word for word and loved it beyond believe. I was very engrossed by the enchanting world Rosamind Hodge has created with this book. The allure!

I knew that soon I would realize what I had done, that the acid of my self-loathing would eat through my walls and burn me down to the bone.

Nyx has got to be one of my favorite young adult characters EVER. I might say this with every good book I read but this book wasn't just good or great or awesome it was the most enticing book I have read lately and I've read a lot of compelling books this year already. Unlike so many other young adult books, Nyx was actually not a damsel in distress or got caught up in a insta-love spell, no, she knew who she was and what she had to do. Kill her husband to save the kingdom. It was only slowly, but surely that she fell for Ignifex. And even then, when she had fallen in love she knew that at some point she might have to hurt him. If she's done it, I will let you guess because I'm sure as hell not giving that away.
Ignifex's (or the Gentle Lord) character was very interesting to say the least. I'm not sure what I expected from him. I had also expected a monster just like Nyx but I found myself liking him right away. He was so charming but more than that he was a different character on his own. The way the author wrote him was very nicely done. I loved how he also had his vulnerabilities. But, gods, him and Nyx were perfect together.

Demons are made of shadow. Don't look at the shadows too long or a demon might look back.

So Cruel Beauty is based on the fairytale of Beauty and the Beast (which is one of my favorite fairytales every) but it also has Greek mythology (also one of my favorite things ever!) intregrated in it. I must say that makes an interesting mix and I can only bow down to Rosamund Hodge's brilliance for she has written this book with so much ingenuity and freshness that I was rocked off my socks by it and this doesn't often happen.
The world in Cruel Beauty was wonderful to read about. Stunningly beautiful but yet mysteriously dark also. Gotta love that!

In my family, nobody's love had given anything but cruelty and sorrow, and nobody's love had ever stopped giving.

Overall Cruel Beauty is pure perfection. It's as simple as that. There were no negatives for me at all. The story, the writing, the characters, the world. Amazing! I'm sure it's going to be a huge hit with almost everyone. I'm absolutely looking forward when this book actually comes out and I will definitely get a physical copy of my own. Also doesn't often happen when I read an e-arc that I want to get the actually printed version too. I just need it. I also feel like I will reread this in the near future. I almost started it right away again after finishing. And I can't wait to read more books by this author in the future. I am more than sure we will see great things from her. 5 stars more than deserved for Cruel Beauty!

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The Rise of the Hotel Dumort (The Bane Chronicles)

The Rise of the Hotel Dumort - Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson Not my favorite part so far but still pretty good + it had some interesting revelations that we were all wondering about that has to do with Magnus' father. I wonder if we will get more stuff like this. Can't wait for the next one!
Suit & Fangs - Marian Tee e-arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

When author, Marian Tee, asked me to review her new book, Suit & Fangs, of course I said yes. I loved her other book, Drawn, so I really wanted to read and review this, too. So thanks Marian!

Suit & Fangs is a really quick read. I love quick reads. It reads fast and is quite entertaining as a whole. Though I was sometimes confused with some parts of the story, especially at the start, trying to keep up with all the information that was thrown at me, I did like it.

There were some interesting characters but I must say I wasn't Caylie's too biggest fan at first because she's very spoiled (she says so herself!) and kind of shallow sometimes but as the story went on I found her easier to read about as I got to know her better.
Luka (gods, I love that name! ^^) on the other hand I really liked. How could I not? I'll admit, I wasn't too sure about him at first because he seemed too serious all the time but also as I got to know him better, I started to love him more and more.
The two of them together was perfection. The romantic scenes were simply sizzling with heat. Loved it! I must say Marian writes awesome love scenes.
As for the other characters the ones I liked the most were Caylie's friends, Ever and Sabina. They seemed like great friends to Caylie. :-)

The overal plot of the story wasn't too great but not awful either. I'm feel like I'm in a in between with everything. I like it alright but it's not the best I have ever read. But even so I'm definitely not regretting to have read this book. It has a great and different take on vampires, one I have never read about before so that's really great on its own.

All in all, Suit & Fangs by Marian Tee is a steamy paranormal romance with a very original take on the vampire genre. If you like vampires, steamy romance, danger and excitement, you should definitely try this book out!

Perfect Lies

Perfect Lies - Kiersten White e-Arc provided from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I have read the first book, Mind Games, pretty recently and really liked it. It was different, original, so I couldn't wait to start the sequel, Perfect Lies, to see what was going to happen next with all my favorite characters.

Perfect Lies was not a great book, oh no, it was a fantastic book! I was entertained right from the start and ended up liking it even more than Mind Games. A sequel of a book is either hit or miss and this book was absolutely a hit!

The story in Perfect Lies gripped me even more than with Mind Games. I guess the reason to that was that this time I wasn't confused with what was going on. I knew what is was about and could follow it without any doubts. It was all more dangerous and excited to read about for some reason.

A lot of the characters stood out way more now, while other characters I liked before moved down on my favorite list.
Fia is still amazing and kind of scary to read about. I love how she's still willing to do anything to protect her sister, even if it is destroying her inside.
I didn't particulary liked or hated Annie in Mind Games. It's not that she was annoying or anything, I just couldn't connect with her character and she was always so good and sometimes even boring. But now? Now I think she's pretty badass. She grows a lot during this book and even her blindness doesn't stop her from learning to defend herself and kicking some butt.
James on the other hand, I'm so frustrated with. I used to love him. He was my favorite male character and now he's way down on the list due to some events that happened in Perfect Lies. I came to dislike him quite a bit.
Some characters we met in the previous book we came to learn more about now like Sarah, Cole and Rafael... and boy do I love Cole! He is amazing. *swoons* I just know I want to read a whole lot more about him. Him and Annie together... Can I just say, adorable! But of course this book isn't all about love, naturally. It's more about the powers of the girls and the Keane foundation. The big boss, Mr. Keane is still an asshole, no surprise there. He's still doing awful things but now he has Fia joining him. Together with James she wants to try to take him down from the inside. Will it work or not? If you want to know, read the book!

Overall, Perfect Lies was even better than Mind Games. It has more of everything. More danger. More excitement. More romance. More death. It's a must-read for fans of this series, fans of Kiersten White or just anyone who loves a good psychological paranormal thriller! Just read it.

The Wish List

The Wish List - Eoin Colfer The Wish List is no Artemis Fowl but, damn it, if I didn't love it!
For a long time now I've had a dislike to heaven/hell - angel/demon books. I can't quite explain why but from all paranormal books I dislike books about that certain topic the least. However, Eoin Colfer shows with The Wish List how you write a truly great book in this topic. It was fun, very humoristic. I laughed a lot. But it was also very heart warming.

Eoin Colfer always creates amazing characters that I love. Meg Finn was one of them. Though I tend to read more books where the main characters are 16+, I really like Eoin's characters who tend to be more of the age of 12+. Meg was 14 in this book and I loved her. She had a lot to deal with in her life, like her mother dying, which left her all alone with her awful stepfather. When she gets involved in a attempted robbery of the elderly Lowrie McCall together with Belch things go wrong when an explosion occurs which causes for both Meg and Belch to die. As a spirit, Meg ends up in limbo, right in the middle between hell and heaven. To go to heaven she'll have to help Lowrie McCall to do all the things on his Wish List. But Belch is on her heels to stop her from doing the good deed she'll do if she helps Lowrie.

The Wish List is a very fast, light book but nevertheless amazing as I always expect from a Colfer book. Is it the best book of him? No, of course not. That honor (in my opinion) goes to Artemis Fowl but if you want to read something different by him, you should definitely try it. I'm sure no one will be able to put it down once they start this adventure!

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Mind Games

Mind Games - Kiersten White So far I've read only one book by Kiersten White which was The Chaos of Stars, a book with Egyptian mythology in it. I loved it so I wanted to try another book by this author to see if I was going to like it as much also. I really wanted to try Mind Games because it seemed really great and how could I resist that gorgeous cover? Anyways... I've seen a lot of mixed reviews of it — the usual extremes of only one, two stars or four, five stars. Because of that it's always hard to tell what you will think of it, personally. And I must admit, starting it the first fifty pages or so were kind of slow and I didn't know what to think of it. It doesn't mean it was bad or anything... I just needed something to pigue my interest. (That's why it didn't get a full five stars.)

Mind Games introduces us to two girls, sisters. Fia is the younger one who has flawless instinct. She acts first, never thinking always knowing what is right and what is wrong. Her older sister, Annie, is blind except when she has her future visions, where she can see clearly as you and me can. Together they are trapped in a school that's run by the Keane foundation where they use both Fia and Annie plus other girls who also have special abilities for their own gain. Fia and Annie have to keep using their gifts or risk each others lives and that's just not something they are willing to risk.

This book was fast-paced and shocking but very enjoyable for me. Its characters were brilliant and yet messed up in their own ways. Kiersten White has created a very intense world with the school Fia and Annie are trapped. I could practually smell, taste and feel Fia and Annie's desperation to protect each other. Especially Fia was very harsh and fierce to read about because she's so broken by everything she had to do to protect her sister.

Mind Games felt right from the beginning very different from other books. I've never read anything like it. The overall story makes it very interesting as did the characters. It has both the sister's point of view, but also flashbacks about what happened before, taking place so far back as ten years ago to six months back, also in both Fia and Annie's perspective.

Aside from the two main characters we had a bunch of others. Some you will like, some you will hate. But really, all these people from the Keane foundation are awful. I can't understand why someone would be willing to work there. Anywho... we also have James Keane. Yes, Keane as in the Keane foundation. He's the son of the Mr. Keane who calls the shot. He's one of the love interests for Fia. Though it's not like there's a lot of romance in it, just the potential for romance, especially with Adam. Fia has a lot of history with James but things actually feel right with Adam. But before I give too much away I must say personally I like James more. People will probably call me crazy but what can I say, I like the bad ones.

The ending of this book was freaking shocking. I was freaked out by everything that was happening suddenly. Shit really did hit the fan. It only made me crave the sequel even more. I'm really glad I was able to score it already! I can tell you I will be reading it soon because I can't wait to read about what's going to happen next. I'm sure it's going to be really exciting as well.

Mind Games by Kiersten White was really as author Holly Black says on the cover of my copy, "A brutal, exciting gem of a book." It's the perfect description of it. It was all that and more. I was surprised by how captivated I was by it. A definite must-read for fans of psychological thrillers with paranormal twists.

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles)

Scarlet - Marissa Meyer Okay, wow! I was blown away by this fabulous sequel to Cinder. It ended up being even more amazing and fantastic than I hoped it would be. Just like in Cinder, I devoured this book in record time even though it's a pretty big book of 450+ pages.

This book follows 18-year-old Scarlet who lives in a small town in France. When we meet her her grandmother has been missing for two weeks but the police have stopped searching for her already. When Scarlet meets street fighter Wolf she finds out he might know a whole lot about her missing grandmother and is determined to find out what exactly it is he knows and where her grandmother is.
Meanwhile Cinder is trying to break out of jail in order to escape the clutches of Lunar Queen Levana who will stop at nothing to get Cinder and control of Earth.

This second book in the Lunar Chronicles is even more awesome than the first one. Not only Cinder's story continues but we also meet Scarlet, who's in search of her missing grandmother. There were also other great new characters like Wolf who travels to Paris with Scarlet and "captain" Thorne who assists Cinder in her escape. A lot of the other characters we're used to seeing like Kai, Queen Levana (she still scares the crap out of me) and Iko (yes, she's back!).
The story definitely picks up a notch. There's more action, more gasp-moments, more unexpected friendships formed and more sadness than ever. There were quite a few different points of views; Cinder, Scarlet, Kai, also Thorne also if I remember correctly and one for Levana too (brrr). I loved all the POVs but I must say Kai's made me a little sad.

Scarlet is definitely different girl than Cinder. But does it make her less awesome? No it does not. I like her just as much as Cinder. Scarlet and Wolf are just too adorable together when they were traveling to Paris. I loved their spark so much. And, gosh, is he hot! But swooning aside, I just admire him for changing his ways and trying to warn Scarlet not to go searching for her grandmother because he knew what was waiting them. I just want to hug that guy!

I just love the way Marissa Meyer tells this story. Her writing is seriously awesome and had me flipping page after page, hour after hour. No wonder I finished it in only a few days time. One word to describe this book is: "Addicting". So very addicting. One thing's for sure, I can't wait for the next book, Cress. The wait will be torture but so worth it. Is it 2014 already? Le sigh.

Also, if you haven't read Scarlet I would definitely recommend to read The Queen's Army (Lunar Chronicles, #1.5) before it because it'll give you more information on what's happening. You can read it for free here: http://www.tor.com/stories/2012/11/the-queens-army

Overall Scarlet was a kick-ass and absolutely worthy sequel to Cinder. I can't remember any book that's been as fascination, exciting and just stunning as Cinder and Scarlet were, especially the latter. Is Scarlet an even better book than Cinder? Most definitely so! I can't wait to see where the next book will go and what is going to happen in it.

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Immortal Heart (Few Are Angels)

Immortal Heart - Inger Iversen This book has been one of the highest anticipated books of 2013 for me and am so glad I got the chance to read it already. I read it really fast — in only two days. A part of my wished I hadn't finished it already, that I had relished in it more but I couldn't help myself it was just so damn good!

Immortal Heart is a prequel to Few Are Angels about Kale that takes place before he met Ella. I was very excited to find out about Kale's life before Few Are Angels. He's one of my favorite characters in the series so I had very high hopes for this book. Knowing Inger, and the amazingness of Few Are Angels and also the second book Awakened, I was sure I wasn't going to be disappointed too much but I had never expected to love Immortal Heart as much as I did really. It was amazing and I wished it didn't end as quickly as I did (due to my fast reading of it).

It was amazing to see Kale walking through life more than a century after Hélène's dead and before he even meets Ella. I loved learning more about him and his inner struggles.
Though the prequel is mostly about him there were other points of views also. One of them was Deacon. What can I say about him other than that he's covered in awesomesauce? Because he truly is. But he isn't just that. He also has his own issues and I loved learning more about him than what we've seen in the Few Are Angels series. I love him to bits and pieces. He was (after Kale) my favorite character in this book.
Another POV was Sola, which is a new character and was a potential love interest to Kale. I wasn't sure I was going to like her due to the fact that I like Kale with Ella so much but I did like her a lot. First of all she has a beautiful name, Sola. And other than that she was so much fun to read about and so witty. I'm glad she and Kale met and have this kind of connection and history with each other now.

My favorite aspect of the whole book was not only Kale's tale was the storyline of the human blood trafficking. I loved how Inger weaved that in the story and not made it solely about Kale and Sola. It gave the book that extra portion of excitement and danger.
It's kind of hard not giving to much away but I wonder if anything of what happened in Immortal Heart will be somehow appeared in the next Few Are Angels book. Who knows!

So personally I think it's Inger's best writing so far. I really do. A lot of the things she wrote were so beautiful, especially the part with Hélène in the end. Simply gorgeous! <3<br/>

Overall this book is in my opnion a much needed and totally amazing adition to the Few Are Angels series. Inger Iversen just keeps writing better and better books that leave me breathless. So am I looking forward to the next Few Are Angels book? Hell to the yes!

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