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The Renaissance: The Best One-Hour History

The Renaissance: The Best One-Hour History - Robert  Freeman I don't read a lot of non-fiction books but when I do it's usually about Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greece. That kind of stuff. But I've also always been vastly interested in the Renaissance, so when I saw The Renaissance: The Best One-Hour History on NetGalley I requested it immediately because lately I've been into history mood, watching a lot documentaries and wanting to read about it, too. Unfortunately good, quick, non-fictions like this book are hard to find but I plan on reading more of these On-Hour History things. Love it!

So one of the great things about The Renaissance: The Best One-Hour History is that (obviously) it can be read in one hour. I think it didn't even took me that long to read. So it's pretty quick but it summed up all about the Renaissance perfectly. I got a lot of information about it. Some I knew, some I didn't and I absorbed it all, at some times even surprised by how really interested I was in it all. Like I said normally I go for the time that went before the Renaissance but if we talk art wise than it's my favorite. I also loved how the Dark Ages were really dark in the meaning of not really evolving because of the Church and how in the Renaissance people were more open in the way they thought, the way art blossomed and how the first books got printed.

All in all, I loved this book. It was written in a way that wasn't going to slow or too fast. It was just right. A lot of interesting facts + this awesome timeline at the end. A quick, fascination, non-fiction that will interest anyone who is intrigued by all things about the Renaissance.