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What a Boy Wants

What a Boy Wants - Nyrae Dawn Oh my gosh! I don't know where to begin, except for I should've read this sooner! A while ago I won What A Boy Wants and also the second book What A Boy Needs (still have to read that one though). Anyway, it still took me months before I actually read this book. I decided to read it because I needed a quick and easy read for the weekend. I finished this book in one single pull. I do wish I had read it soon because this book has been so great!

At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like this because this isn't a genre that I really love. Just the phew exceptions here and there. Even though I wasn't so sure about this book and genre, I was pretty much hooked after the first chapter. I looooove Sebastian! He. Is. So. Cute. Seriously adorable and 100% crushable! I've always loved reading books in a male's point of view. They seem less whiny than some POVs from females I've read in the past.

The main thing that I love about Sebastian is how protective he is of his mother and his close friends, especially the girls. He may be a ladies man but if they're in danger of getting hurt you better not get in his way. I love how honest he is, especially in his Hook-up Doctor emails. He says what he thinks, is confident, slighty cocky but not arrogant. Beneath all the cockiness though, there lies a boy who's really a sweetheart with a vulnerability that you can't help but love.
Aside from Sebastian, the other characters were awesome too. I loved his small circle of friends. Aspen, Jaden and Pris. They were all very likeable and relatable. I especially loved Jaden and Pris. They were a much needed comical breather when things got heavy between, Sebastian and Aspen. Their banter and bickering was really funny. Jaden, also as Sebastian seems to be a guy who only cares for hooking up with hot girls, but there were moments every now and then when you could see the real him. Pris was just great! Ready to kick some Sebastian ass if he were to hurt Aspen. You go, girl!
Aspen was one awesome girl. Being Sebastian's best friend and neigbor she knew him all his life and also knew not to take any shit from him. Gotta love her for that.

Even when this was an easy, cute read, a lot of times I was surprised by the turn of events. Some stuff I really didn't see coming at all. I love books like this because really, who wants to read a novel that's all obvious and doesn't stand out that way?
I for one cannot wait to read the second book, What A Boy Needs, which will be in Jaden's point of view. *squeeeee* I'm so excited about it!

What A Boy Needs by Nyrae Dawn was so sweet and cute and enjoyable that I couldn't stop reading. Sometimes that's all you need from a novel.