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Reality of Life: The Dreams Trilogy: 2

Reality of Life - Beth Bares This review has been delayed soooo long with December and the first weeks of January being so crazy busy but now here it finally is!

First of all a huge thanks to Beth Bares for being so kind to send me a copy in change of a honest review!
And also I love these covers. They're simple but so pretty with their colors. Especially this one. I love purple!

For some reason I just adore the beginning of these books. I really love these prologues. It's very nice to get a feel of how the book is going to turn out. And with the prologue of Reality of Life it was definitely a good start.

I don't rate with halves and all that stuff bu I actually want to rate this book 3.5 because I definitely loved it more than Dreams of Reality. It had more action and suspense and mystery to me. Loved that!

New characters! New characters! :D Loved them. I was especially happy that James found his love, finally! I so wished for this. I actually said this in the review of the first book that I wanted him to find someone so I was practically jumping up and down when this happened. I also really like the person he got together with. Even when at first she was kind of bad. It was so unexpected when he fell in love with her but it was such a brilliant move from Beth. So excited to read more!
As always I really loved Anton. He's definitely my favorite character. Him and Claire are the cutest couple ever!

The only negative thing I can say is that I'm sad for Elizbeth and Andrew. I don't want to spoil any more than I already did, but I really hope they will end up together in the end. They are meant for each other and I've come to care a lot about them.

The immortal world of these immortals and half-bloods keeps growing and growning. I could almost see the book as a movie in my head and I loved it!

All in all, this book was better than the first one (to me at least) and made me hungry for the next book also. I can't wait to see (read) how Elizabeth's story will end. Hopefully happily ever after but you never know!