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Vampire Bites: A Taste of the Drake Chronicles

Vampire Bites: A Taste of the Drake Chronicles - Alyxandra Harvey A Killer First Date

So this e-book finds place after the third book in The Drake Chronicles series: "Out For Blood", which by the way is my favorite of the series so far. The story follows Lucy and Nicholas and also Hunter and Quinn. They all go on their first real date on a carnival. Of course it doesn't turn out the way they all want.
I was really happy to read more about Quinn and Hunter because Quinn is my favorite Drake brother and I think Hunter is the perfect girl for him. I just love the way they are together. And Quinn is the reason why Out For Blood is my favorite Drake book.
As always the story was excellent. A fast, cute read.
I was really excited to read this one because I love The Drake Chronicles a lot. Actually, I just love everything Alyxandra Harvey writes. She never ever has disappoint me with any of her books and I've read all of them. All five stars. So be sure to check them out!

A Field Guide to Vampires: Annotated by Lucy Hamilton

Another amazing e-novella by Alyxandra Harvey. Wether it's physical books or e-novellas, she always manages to write delightful page turners.
This one is Lucy's guidebook, which every new recruit at the Helior-Ra gets. Of course Lucy can't help herself and writes notes on some pages of what she really thinks. And isn't that how we know Lucy and why we love her?
I really liked this guidebook because not only we get more information about anything from the Drakes world, it's also hilarious with Lucy's notes. It's funny to see how her actual experiences sometimes contradict the Helios-Ra guidebook.
Lucy is one of my favorite female characters in the Drake Chronicles so of course I love this book and gave it 5/5 stars!
Now I'm waiting for the next Drake book "Blood Moon" which I bet will be fantastic as always.

Corsets and Crossbows

Yes! Another Drake Chronicles e-novella. I'm a big fan of anything Alyxandra Harvey writes and as always she hit the jackpot. The title alone is killer: Corsets and Crossbows. Awesome title and I love that it's set in the 1800's. I love novels from that time. Haunting Violet, also by Alyxandra Harvey is also set in that time by the way. (Go read it now!) Anyway... this Drake novella is about an ancestor of Hunter Wild (She appears in the Drake Chronicles) and the story is wriiten in a series of letters. At first I wasn't sure how I was gonna like this but it's really amazing! I kept wanting to turn (or rather click) the pages and read on and on. I loved Rosalind's character and of course the hot vamp Dante Cowan. I really liked how it ended. So romantic! If you like Alyxandra's writing or just anything vampire related you should go read The Drake Chronicles!

Lost Girls

Ah! I enjoyed this novella about Helena of sixteen years old and Liam back when they first had met. I've always wondered about them and how they started out. Their story is amazing. I kind of wished Alyxandra would write a series about them and every adventure they went through. Helena is as kickass as we know her from the Drake Chronicles only younger. And oh my god how I love that their son Sebastian is named after Helene's brother that died.
Liam. Oh my god. I love him so! *dreamy sigh* I definitely has his son's charms. Oh yes.
So I really really want to read more about them. But that'll probably be hopefull wishing.
But overall an amazing story about Helena and Liam that every Drake lover should read.