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The Indigo Spell: Bloodlines Book 3

The Indigo Spell: Bloodlines Book 3 - Richelle Mead Bloodlines has grown to be one of my favorite YA book series, if not the favorite. And of course you all know I'm more than crazy about
Adrian Ivashkov.

So reading this books has become something I'm looking forward to everytime. I must say I like these better than Vampire Academy! *waits for VA fans to strike me down*
I just get so much joy from reading these Bloodlines books. Especially when Adrian comes in. *swoon swoon swoon* ;D
I loved it so much. So many amazing moments. Ahhh, Richelle Mead, you did it again!

The Indigo Spell started a few weeks after where The Golden Lily ends. We all know where that was. I loved how you could definitely see a change in Sydney, especially when she kept analyzing what happened with Adrian. So obvious, Syd!
Anyway I loved when Adrian showed up in the plane next to her, all calm and collected, saying that he'd keep on loving her no matter what. Like she didn't have a say in it. Classic Adrian.
Sydney in this book, was different from the one we say in the previous book. I can't believe how far she came, considering how she was when we first met her in Blood Promise. She might have her doubts a little bit about using magic but in the end it seems like her doubts have gone away. Especially with meeting Marcus and everying.

My favorite aspect of this book was... all the Sydrian stuff! I mean, seriously this book was pretty much all of that. And I loved it. I've been waiting forever for this! Adrian and Sydney are perfect together. They complete each other perfectly. I did get a little annoyed whenever they kissed Sydney would back away again but she made up for it in the end in my eyes.

So. Markus. Not sure what to say about him. I do not like this dude. I don't know what it is about him but I'm not feeling it. So we'll see if he shows up in the next book if I still have that disliking feeling about him. I'm not sure what everyone else thinks about him but I'd be glad to hear your opinions about him. :)

The only negative things I can say about The Indigo Spell is how I kind of missed the gang. Jill, Eddie, Angeline. Trey. They weren't in it as much, although they had their own little dramas to deal with. I totally had that Angeline/Trey thing seen coming. And I must say I love love love them as a couple. So I hope they work it out. I must say I'm starting to like Jill more. Well except when she ruined Adrian and Sydney's hot moment! Damn her!

I was surprised by the stuff happening with Veronica. What happened there in the end surprised me but I loved that scene. Another swoon moment for Adrian when he carried Sydney out. *sigh*
I did wish all of it would've been slightly more unpredictable but it was okay in the end. More than okay. :D
And boy do I love Hopper! :D ♥ So adorable!

Overall I LOVED The Indigo Spell. I couldn't get enough of it. I was SO in my Adrian bubble and didn't want to get out. Sydney was absolutely kick ass and I'm looking forward to the next book The Fiery Heart because it has Sydney AND Adrian's POV!

Everyone who hasn't read Bloodlines yet and I know there's a lot of you out there. Get your business together and start it right away. You'll get an overdose of Adrian, which is a very good thing!

Now on to waiting for The Fiery Heart. *sad sigh*