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Bloodlines: The Fiery Heart (book 4)

The Fiery Heart  - Richelle Mead First of all, this may be a little off-topic and have nothing to do with the actual story in this book, but I do not like this cover. Is it just me or does it seem very cheap compared to the others. The same goes for the 5th book, Silver Shadows. What happened here, guys?
And second, I have no idea where I'm taking this review for The Fiery Heart. I mean it was amazing, mind-blowing even and yes, simple perfection, which isn't a surprise when it's about a book that has Adrian Ivashkov in it, but oh... the ending killed me. It really did. And the thing is, I had a feeling this would happen but still, I wasn't prepared for it to shock me like it did. It's just the most awful ending I have read about in so long. I really hate cliffhangers.

So... Sydney and Adrian? Ah, they're perfect together. Simply perfect. I was a little wary at first when I started this book because I had no idea where Richelle Mead would take their relationship to. So I'm really glad and relieved about the way she did it. Really, nothing has changed, except for the hot make-out sessions they have to do in secret, but let's face it, that makes it just the more sexy. But it's not just about sex, it's more. They love each other so much, you see it in the way both Sydney and Adrian talk to and about each other. It just makes the ending all the more terrible.
Aside from their relationship, we can totally see how both Sydney and Adrian have grown. I mean, seriously, you wouldn't recognize them if you'd go back to reading the Vampire Academy books. And that's just one thing I love about both these characters. But of course they haven't changed too much. Sydney is still the same brainy girl who plans ahead and Adrian is still the witty, charming guy who makes every girl drop their panties. And we love him for it. Seriously, I can't press enough how much I love Adrian. If it wasn't obvious before, I came to love him even more because of this book. He was simply put awesome in it. Still my #1 book boyfriend!

But anyway... I feel like I'm straying from the review here. So, the overall story? Loved it. And not just all because of Adrian, though of course he plays a big factor in me loving this book and series. No, the story was pretty great too. Especially with Adrian's point of view. Oh yes baby! Being inside his mind was thrilling and exciting and just totally amazing. His chapters show his highs and his lows but I still love him anyway. I also felt like it isn't just Sydney's story anymore. Adrian did pretty impressive things. Again, he's grown so, so much. Damn, I love him.
I also love all the other characters. And I mean it when I say this series has a lot of great ones. Of course there's the usual ones like Jill, Eddie, Trey, Angeline. And I must say I'm really liking Jill now. I used to be not a big fan of her but also she has grown up a lot. Pretty impressive. I just want her and Eddie to be together already. Come on! Trey as usually was his awesome self and I'm glad he was in the book quite a lot actually. And Angeline? She's just a riot, isn't she. Then there were the newer characters like Neil, the new British guy. I wasn't too sure about him in the beginning but after what he did for "the greater good" I think he's pretty great. Oh and Sydney's sister, Zoe joined them. I wanted to pretty much choke her all the time because she was so annoying and kept making it harder for Sydney and Adrian to be together. And of course she played a role in that awful ending. Boo! She's definitely on my kill list now, together with her and Sydney's father. I should also mention this book was like a Vampire Academt reunion. Pretty much all the major characters appeared in this book not once but several times. And when I say major characters I mean, Rose, Dimitri, Lissa, Christian, Sonya, Abe. So yep, pretty much the whole gang. It made me smile. I miss them all so much.

The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead definitely is one of my favorite Bloodlines books. It had everything I crave in a good book. Kick-ass action, passion and romance, drama and one hell of an ending with a cliffhanger (although I could've lived without that last one). But even with how totally shocked and sad it made me, it's a pretty good ending if you want to give your readers a heart attack and make them crave the next book like they're hooked on drugs. Also this book has been one of my most anticipated books of the year and I read it like two days. Yep, that's what this series does to me. Turn me into a reading zombie. But it was one amazing ride that I wouldn't want to forget even though I'm in need for some hugs to help me get over this book. And now the only think I can do is wait for the next book, Silver Shadows. Can't it be July 2014 already?