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Quintessentially Q (Monster in the Dark #2)

Quintessentially Q - Pepper Winters Oh, man... Quintessentially Q was one hell of a tough book to read. I thought I knew what to expect after reading Tears of Tess. I heard that this one was darker though but I was like, 'bring it on, dude!'. Turns out people were right when it was darker but that's what I loved about it. Pepper Winters doesn't skim over the bad things even though a lot of people would shy away from it. She's an amazing writer.

In this book we see a whole lot of different sides to both Tess and Q. We even get to be inside Q's head because every other chapter is told in his point of view. I loved reading his chapters and to get to know his torture soul more. Another thing I liked in this book was to get to know Q's friend Frederick more. I love him! He was so interesting to read more about and to see him interacting with Q aside from that time we saw him in Tears of Tess.

I do have to say that I didn't love Quintessentially Q as much as I loved Tears of Tess. I had kind of a hard time getting into it in the beginning. It was a little slow for me and I couldn't agree with some of the things both Tess and Q did. For instance, how could Tess forget about the tracker in her neck? It seems so careless. And also I can't believe Q left her alone, even if it was in his office. And I'm also not sure I liked the ending all that much. It seemed so typical for a book like this. Those are my only minor points though, aside from those things, I really did like the book and after the first 45% I couldn't tear myself away from my Kindle.

Like I said before, this book is so much darker than the previous one. It really teared my heart apart, everything that was happening. To Tess because she was in such agony and to Q because he felt so hopeless. At some point I really didn't think everything would work out alright. So I just kept reading and reading. I won't say too much to spoil the book to others with saying if it worked out okay or not but I'm glad we saw a side of Q that can actually love. It was amazing to read about.

Also, this author? Her writing was remarkable. I already noticed in Tears of Tess but in this book she really wrote some truly beautiful things. I can't wait to read other work by her. She's going places!

Twisted, dark and beautiful, Quintessentially Q was an incredible read. Though I had some minor issues with it, I loved it so much. I am once again awed by Pepper Winters' way with words. I'm both excited and terrified what the next book will bring.