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Banshee Charmer (From the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency, #1)

Banshee Charmer - Tiffany Allee Banshee Charmer by Tiffany Allee is one amazing paranormal romance! If you love fast paced stories filled with great plots, heart stopping twists and hot romance, this is the right book for you.

Half-banshee, Kiera "Mac" McLoughlin is a detective working for the paranormal unit in Chicago, otherwise known as "The Freak Squad". While working on a case investigating the second dead woman in a short time, Mac's partner, Amanda, gets murdered. Together with the sexy Aidan Byrne from the OWEA (Otherworlder Enforcement Agency), she is determined to catch the serial killer before any more women get killed. As Mac and Aidan grow closer and their romance heats up, Mac starts to suspect Aidan knows more than he's telling her.

In this world all paranormal creatures like witches, vampires, succubi, banshees and many more are "out" in the open. I never read about a banshee before so I was really excited to dig into this and it sure didn't disappoint!
I simple adored Aidan. I loved the way he just showed up in Mac's house, reading one of her books. The chemistry between them was intense. Aidan was also very mysterious and sexy, so I could easily understand why Mac felt so attracted to him. You could sense from the start he was hiding something and up until the last pages the mystery holds, not knowing if he's good or bad. And I've got to say there was one serious *gasp* moment.
The other characters were quite memorable too because there was such a variety of otherworlders. The most interesting I found were the succubi, because also of these I've never read a book about.

Eventhough I'm not normally a big fan of novels involving police departments or murder investigations, I simply couldn't put this one down. It was such a page turned I read it in less than two days! This shows how good Tiffany Allee's writing is.

All in all it I can say with confidence that this book is one of my all time favorites now. I would recommend it to anyone loving paranormal romance with a good murder mystery.