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Elemental (Elemental, #0.5)

Elemental (Elemental, #0.5) - Brigid Kemmerer I read this bonus novella right after Storm, which was also in the book. So all the characters were pretty fresh in my mind and I could get right into it. Elemental is a short prequel to Storm and takes several years back when Michael Merrick was seventeen. The story is about the events leading up to Emily's dead, which we've read a little about in Storm.
When reading Storm I did wonder about what really happened to Emily and where Michael came in, so I was really glad to have read the actual story. It was kinda sad when I knew Emily was going to die even though her dead isn't really ocurring in the story but you know that it happened anyway. It made me extra sad because I loved Emily's character so much! She was always listening to musical songs like from Les Miserables (*squeeee*), Wicked, Rent. I, myself, also love musical so I could totally relate to her. I wish she didn't have to die. She was also very kind and would've been the perfect girl for Michael.
Seventeen year old Michael was interesting. I already loved Michael in Storm and my love just grew with every word of Elemental that I read. He seemed very rebelious to his parents, kind of how Gabriel is to Michael now. I couldn't help but notice it. I loved him with Emily. Even though basically they're sort of enemies their attraction to one another was palpable. I loved it!
Even with the sadness, it was a great story and it was awesome to get into Michael's mind. More please!