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Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout I'm a huge fan of Jennifer L. Armentrout's Lux series—as face it, we all pretty much are, right?—so there was no doubt in my mind that I had to read Obsession. And it being an adult book in the Lux world just made it all the more delicious. Originally I planned on not reading it as soon as I did, what with all the review books I still have to read, but when I saw a lot of people right from the moment Obsession came out, reading it and putting status updates about it I couldn't resist any longer and just started it, ending up with only putting it down for maybe two times at most. I'm sure we can all agree that as soon as you read Obsession it is the hardest thing to stop reading.

First of all, JLA writes awesome adult books. I seriously wished the Lux series were all adult books now. There's no doubt about it, this woman can write anything. She has so much talent! I loved her idea of writing a book about an Arum because the only way we've seen them is in the Lux books and they are, let's say, not exactly nice. JLA warned us how we would see things in a different light, involving the Arum, and she was totally right. Obsession gives us a total different view on them and how everything indeed isn't all black and white; I loved that!

Most of all, I loved Hunter. He even gives Daemon a run for his money. I'm not going to say which of these two hotter than hell aliens is my favorite because I am not at all able to say. One being from a young adult series and one from an adult, they can't be compared at all. I just can't do it!
Obviously people will compare them, and in one way they are a little alike. Both have an big snarky attitude but in my opinion Hunter's attitude is even worse than Daemon's, if you can believe it. The list thing's that I loved about Hunter are endless for sure but the one big thing that I thought was the best was how Hunter was so brutally honest, to himself, Serena or any other person. Never ever did he lie about what he is, wanted or that he knew he was going to get it one way or another. I loved the way he turned from reluctantly babysitten Serena to fiercely protective of her. *Le swoon!*
Serena was a fantastic heroine. JLA knows how to write them well. I loved how she always had the balls to confront Hunter. I admit he is a little scary and dark. Serena also felt the same. She knew he could easily lose control and kill him, which he did a few times, but nevertheless she never backed down. They were very different from one another. She, a human. He, an alien. Worlds apart and yet the attraction between them couldn't be denied. Love, love, love, loved that!

Obsession is both in Serena's and Hunter's point of view. I love dual points of view + I almost always like the guys take on things. So great! I loved both, especially Hunter's. His narrative was so amusing to read at times. Another thing I loved is how you don't have to have read the Lux series, although that makes this book all the more interesting, what with learning so much more about both Luxen and Arum.
There were a lot of other characters introduced to us. I really liked Hunter's friend Dex. If you think Hunter might be a special case that makes him not like other Arum, think again, Dex was just as special, settling down with a human. Also he was freaking hilarious. And I wonder, will he ever get his car back? So once again everything isn't black and white. I don't believe that all Arum are evil now. Just like not all Luxen are good. It's a gray zone.
Also *grins*, we saw some characters we actually know from the Lux series. I'm don't want to put spoilers out here and say who but one of them was a certain green-eyed Luxen we all know and love. Needless to say I was fangirling like crazy.

As I'm always used to with a book by JLA, the writing so good and it flowed really well. Before I knew it the book was done and over in two days (even though I swore I was going to take my sweet time). I was really sad when I finished it. I need more Hunter and Serena. I hope JLA is going to write more about them in the future? Pretty pretty pretty please?!
The overall story I loved, too. I never knew what to expect, who was going to show up, in what mess Serena was going to get herself in next or what unexpected thing Hunter was going to do. It never got boring and that's one of the most important things in a story for me, personally.
I also must say I loved the romance. Incredible attraction + the romance was so hot! Another thing JLA writes disgustingly well. There were a lot of panty-dropping hot scenes. If possible, I've become an even bigger fan of Jennifer than I already was.

Jennifer L. Armentrout did it once again! Is there anything she can't write? I think not! Obsession was perfection dipped into awesome sauce. I fell in love with Hunter from the moment I met him. I couldn't get enoug of him or the story. Him and Serena have absolutely become one of my favorite romantic couples of all time and I hope with all my heart to read more of them sometime. If you have read the Lux books this is a must-read and even if you haven't read it this is still an amazing book to read. 5 stars more than enough deserved!