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Dear Rockstar

Dear Rockstar - Emme Rollins Dear Rockstar was a very unexpected read for me. I didn't know about it until my friend Christina told me about it when she read it and told me I had to simply read it. Since it wasn't expensive on Amazon I bought it but normally any Kindle books I buy, will be unread for months since I have so much to read but she convinced me to read it with the review she wrote and the way she raved about it. Oh, what would we be without our bookish friends?

Dear Rockstar is a story about an 18-year-old Sara who has a complete obsession with rock star Tyler Vincent and dreams of meeting him in real life so he can rescueher from her awful home situation. While she starts a new school year to try and get her diploma she meets Dale Diamond, a new student in her school. When they fall completely in love with each other things get complicated when secrets arrise and Sara has a chance to meet Tyler.

I must say that I love love love the 80's and I loved all the references to it in the book. That's one of the major reasons why I loved Dear Rockstar. The other major reason is that the romance was amazing. When Sara and Dale fell for each other it felt so genuine and real. It was actually believable even though it happened kind of fast. Something that feels real and believable like that is hard to find in any book lately in my opinion.

The main characters + side characters were all well build and every single one was amazing to read about.
Sara was a great character to read about, though a little too obsessed maybe but with everything she went through she's allowed to be I think. Enter Dale Diamond! *dreamy sigh* Dale was so amazing. He was exactly was Sara needed and he also needed her. I love how he wanted her the moment he saw her and went straight for her. And oh my god, that Skittles scene was just to die for. So adorable! I liked Sara's friends a lot. They all seemed to have their own problems and inperfections. I also adored Aimee and Matt together, yet another BEElievable romance in this book! (Yes the BEElievable is an inner joke. You'll get it when you read the book! ;D)
However... there were some hatefull characters also like Sara's stepfather "the stepbeast". I can't get how with everything he did to Sara that she still had hope to get out of town and get a better life. I was almost crying when everything that happened to her was revealed at the end. He was the most horrible man ever. I also can't get how her mother let everything happen like that and what she did at the end of the book. Luckily Dale's father, John, was great. He's a great father to Dale and he's so nice to Sara too. I really liked him.

Of course this wouldn't be a new adult book without some heart breaking and shocking events. I must say the "twists" involving Dale and Tyler Vincent weren't as shocking to me because I suspected it all along and guessed it all right. It was a little too obvious to me. Also the last pages were a little too rushed for me and the ending a little too wide open. It was a great ending but I wished to know more about what was going to happen not only to Sara and Dale but also to Aimee and Matt. So that's why the book didn't get a full five stars but I still thought it was a fantastic book and loved it. I also can't help but wonder/hope that there will be a sequel. Fingers crossed!

Overall Dear Rockstar by Emme Rollins was a remarkable new adult book that caught me by surprise by how much I enjoyed it. Though with a few minor points it's a really fast, exciting, at times heart-breaking read with loveable yet complex characters that I really cared for and connected with + some steamy romance to leave you gasping for breath and tadaaa you have a great book that I would recommened to everyone. I'm sure they will all love this book as much as I did!