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A Shade Of Vampire

A Shade of Vampire (A Shade Of Vampire, #1) - Bella Forrest "Because I don't believe you are a slave to what you've become. I don't believe that you simply can't."

First of all the ending of this book totally saved it from me giving it two stars. I liked this book well enough if I look to the whole book. The story was quite original and I did like this type of vampires. They were like I would expact vampires to act. Dark, gritty and wanting blood. Though some of them actually have also feelings. So points for that. What I didn't like however sometimes was the writing. It just didn't flow well with me I guess. And also some of the characters. I was frustrated by Sofia which is a bad thing since she's one of the main characters but damn the girl was kind of annoying. Derek I didn't like as much as I wanted too. At some points he was okay but mostly he was such a lame, whiney guy, and for a vampire that just won't do for me.

She had become my one remaining link to humanity and t was clear to me that her ruin would be my ruin.

But I have to admit that I was a little intrigued by Sofia and Derek's relationship. There were times were they were seriously cute together.

He always managed – in one way or another – to take my breath away.

There were also some unexpected twists like Ben showing up and totally ruining whatever Sofia and Derek had going on. Damn it!. So that made me like it a little more.

The ending definitely turned this into a 3 star read because it was really cute and kind of heartbreaking. I'm a sucker for ending like those. As for the other characters. There were some I actually liked like Corinne and Vivienne. There were also a great villain. Because every story needs one. Lucas. He was definitely a psychopath and being also a vampire that makes him totally nuts. But like I said every story needs a good villain.

So overall this was an okay, even a likable book that has some flaws here and there. But I am curious how this story will continue and definitely interested in reading the sequel to see what's going to happen now.