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Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices)

Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare OH... MY... GOD... is all the words I have now. A-Freaking-Mazing book! I love love love love Will! Even with all the things he does and the horrible things he's said to Tessa in the past. You can't help loving Will Herondale! So Clockwork Prince definitely reached beyond my expectations. The book was very hard on Will. While he was trying finding the demon who "cursed" him, Tessa and Jem grew closer. Although I don't have anything against Jem, he's not Will. I loved all the scenes. Sometimes they were heartbreaking, funny, sweet and just plain awesome. I was shocked when suddenly they saw Cecily at the house in Yorkshire! Poor Will was so upset! When they came back to London, Will pretty much disappeared for two days. I loved Magnus's letter to Tessa, to tell her he might be in trouble. Tessa and Jem found Will in an ifrit den where he got drugs so he was really out of it. Sweet things was that later on he mentioned dreaming about Tessa right before her and Jem got him out of there. And then... Jem punched Will. It was one of the highlights in the book. Eventually Will and Jem made up. Total bromance! And indeed as Jem said, Will's walls were crumbling. Throughout the book I noticed something was up with Jessamine. She sneaked out several times in boy clothes. Suspicious, indeed... My theory was that she was meeting Nate in secret and she was! Bitch... Funny thing was that Sophie had knocked her out with a mirror and tied her to the bad. Go Sophie! So Will had the idea of Tessa changing into Jessamine and meeting Nate that way. And thus we came to Chapter 12: Masquerade, with the dirty sexy balcony scene, which personally I thought wasn't as dirty as a previous scene with Tessa and Jem, but still it was amazing! And then Magnus interupted them. *sigh* Then the scene I had seen coming from the start came: Jem proposing to Tessa and Tessa saying yes... Nooooooooo Tessa, why! You love Will! Don't say no to Jem! -.- *double sigh* First they had to go and take care of Nate so they cooked up a new play for Tessa to change into Jessamine, who's in the silent city, and meet him. It was pretty obvious, I thought Nate had figured it out and then of course a semi-battle. For a second there I thought Will was gonna die, but of course he didn't. Thank goodness! oh and Will finally found his demon and Magnus managed to summon him and the demon told Will there never was a freakin curse!!! After the initial shock Will was happy because it means he could finally drop the whole wall and express his love for Tessa! Hmm... yeah, as if it would be that easy! -.- Will finally confessed his love for Tessa, but she's already engaged with Jem! And of course Tessa couldn't break Jem's heart. I wouldn't be able either! Poor poor Will :( *again sigh* One of the best things from the book was Sophie and Gideon getting close. They are sooooo cute together! Eventually they found out that Benedict Lightwood has.. Wait for it... wait for it... DEMON POX! Yes it's real, Will was right all along! They blackmailed Benedict and got the institute once more was Charlotte's. Yay! When Jem told everyone he's engaged to Tessa, Will was the first one to say congrats even know we all know it was killing him. And then also one of the best things Charlotte and Henry expecting a babyboy! They had some cute scenes for themselves as wel. And then BAM! Cliffhanger ending, of course. Cecily Herondale showing up at the institute because she wants to be trained as a Shadowhunter! In general I found the book truly amazing and better than Clockwork Angel. It kept me want to keep reading and reading. I can't wait for the final book, Clockwork Princess!