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Matched (Matched Trilogy) (French Edition)

Matched  - Ally Condie Where to start... I don't remember being excited to start this because I've read a lot of dystopia lately so I didn't really have high hopes for this one but I really loved it. The story has something. Basically it's all about Cassia and Ky's love and because of their love Cassia breaks a lot of rules set up by the Society. The Society... Damn. It's really one of those dystopian worlds I would never ever want to live. If there's even such a thing as wanting to live in such a world. The Society pretty much decides everything for the citizens; What they eat, how much they eat. What they wear. What job they will have. Who they will love and marry through a matching system... Terrible!
The characters the story focuses on is obviously Cassia and Ky. Xander, Cassia's match and best friend is also in it a lot. It's hard to choose who I like more. Ky or Xande. They're both great but eventually I loved Ky more. It's just beautiful how you see the love between them blossom. How Ky teached her to write, how he gives her parts of his story. *dreamy sigh* Yes, I've chosen. I really liked Ally Condie's writing a lot. It was so beautiful and almost poetry-like. I never really got bored through this book. I kept turning the pages. It's really a lovely and cute story. Not much action as in other Dystopian novels but I didn't mind that. I loved it! Can't wait to get my hands on the second book, Crossed. ♥