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Succubus Lost: Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency

Succubus Lost - Tiffany Allee Succubus Lost by Tiffany Allee is the astonishing sequel to Banshee Charmer.

Sexy, charming and writting with a great plot it's definitely worthy to the first book and even more. It was simply fantastic and I loved reading every word of it. I am so thankful to NetGalley to have gotten the chance to read this.
I thought Succubus Lost was in so many ways better than Banshee Charmer (Even though I've given it also 5 stars) so really I should give it 5.5 stars if I would work with halves on my reviews. It was that good in my eyes!

Spotlighting one one the secondary characters we know from the first book, Succubus Lost is about detective Marisol Whitman, a succubus. When she's working on a case where she comes across otherworlders being burned beyond recognition, her younger sister disappears suddenly. When Agent Valerio Costa from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency shows up with more information it gets clear that someone is kidnapping Succubi to harness their power. Together they try to catch the kidnapper before it's too late and Mari's sister turns up dead and burned like the others.

I can't express my love for this book enough. Marisol was a great character. I've never read a book about Succubi but this one was really great. I love how Marisol is so protective of her younger sister, where in the first book we've already heard part of her story about. I can't decide wether I like Mac (from Banshee Charmer) or Mari more. I think I have to choose Marisol because somehow I can relate to her more.
Valerio Costa. I just love his name. What a hot mess! Unlike in Banshee Charmer we found out right from the start what the kind of otherworlder the guy is. In Costa's case he's a salamander. Let's just say he's good with fire... among other things. :)

The romance in this book was fab! In this one it was more subtle at first because Costa doesn't trust Mari. She figured it's because he has something against Succubi. Later we find out it was with good reason. Anyway... once the sexual tension got too much and they finally gave in to each other you can't deny that they are so good for one another.

The final pages were very exciting and kind of nerve-racking too but brilliant nontheless!
This book was sexy, fun, suspenseful and very witty, what I love most in a Paranormal Romance. I highly recommend Tiffany Allee's books to everyone.