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Blood Moon (The Drake Chronicles)

Blood Moon - Alyxandra Harvey Blood Moon by Alyxandra Harvey is the 5th book in Alyxandra Harvey's amazing vampire series, The Drake Chronicles. As always the book was cute, funny and full of nail biting danger.

The POVs of this instalment in the series were from Lucy, Solange, Nicholas and Kieran.
The book starts right after the cliffhanger we were forced to endure from Bleeding Hearts. (I really hate cliffhanger's I do. Evil things they are.)
The vampire tribes are coming together for the blood moon ceremonies. Lucy is struggling to make her enrollment in the Helios-Ra high school working while still being able to see her boyfriend Nicholas and his family. Solange is fighting more than ever against her blood lust and fails miserably. Nicholas is facing his own issues with choosing between his sister and his girlfriend when he gets kidnapped. And Kieran is going true a rough patch when he and Solange break up. Adding the mysterious Constantine and the creepy voice in Solanges head and the book is full of turns and twist you don't really expect.
My favorite POV was Lucy's because as always she's so funny and never backs down from anything. I love her relationship with Nicholas. They are just so cute! Nicholas's POV I also loved. I love how he's so protective about Lucy and his family. He's also very brave in the book, especially when he was kidnapped. He never stopped fighting and even tried to stop the baddies from hurting others. It's no secret that I was never a huge fan of Solange. And in this book she's just plain scary. I know that it's all because of that voice in her head but really, she makes stupid decisions. And I just don't like her personally at all. Kieran is one of my favorite characters of the Helios-Ra hunters. I hate how Solange has hurt him and I do hope they make up at some point because they are good together. Kieran is what Solange needs.
When the voice in Solange's head or Viola how we come to know it, takes Solange over, (Which I had seen coming from miles away!) the shit really hit the fan. She's now queen instead of Solange's mother Helena and made Nicholas go all dark on us and bite Lucy! I have no idea what was happening and was just freaking out at the end. What a ending!

I gave Blood Moon 3 stars but that doesn't mean it was a bad book. I just didn't like it as much as the other books in the series, which I all gave 5 stars. So it was a little disappointing for me personally. The thing I think pushed the book down was Solange and her weirdness. If it was only Lucy and Nicholas I would've probably loved it. Or you know a POV with Quinn. Because he's my favorite Drake brother. I want to know how he and Hunter are doing together. *sigh*
The thing I think saved the book from being only 2 stars is Alyxandra Harvey's wonderful writing and her ability to turn every book she writes into a cute, funny and nail biting, amazing story. I love all the Drake brothers from Sebastian to Nicholas. They're all so hot and cute and just amazing. Everyone must get to know them!
The Drake Chronicles is a must for readers who like an original twist on the vampire genre.