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Storm (Elemental)

Storm - Brigid Kemmerer Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my!


Hot guys alert!

Hot guys, brothers, elements, twists and turns on every corner... How could I not love this book? It was fantastic! I knew it would be but damn, Brigid Kemmerer is one amazing writer. She definitely gained a fan with me. I need more!

The first time I saw this cover was probably somewhere on Goodreads and I just knew I had to read this book soon. The four guys on the cover makes it very different from other book covers I've seen lately. Not to mention they are hot! Also the title and synopsis drew me in. I love reading about people who have a thing with the elements. It rocks!

I was pretty much hooked the moment I started reading and before I knew it I was more than a 100 pages in! The book alternated with POV's from Chris and Becca. I loved both. Also character wise I loved both these characters. When we first meet Becca we see her saving Chris Merrick from some guys who were beating him up. Right away I knew something is up with Chris and that he has a thing with water. I loved him also right away. I really liked Becca too. She wasn't a typical YA girl character who waits for people to safe her, even though she actually gets saved a lot in this book but she isn't helpless! She knows how to defend herself. 

I loved the Merrick brothers. All of them! Michael is the oldest, raising his younger brothers since their parents passed away so he has taken up the parenting role. However his younger brothers just want him to be their brother, not their father. I also read Elemental, Michael's story about what happened with Emily and it makes me very sad so I can't help but love Michael and be sad for everything he went through. Michael controls the element Earth, which seems very fitting for him. Then we have the twins, Gabriel and Nick. Gabriel is fire and Nick is air. Gabriel is the more hot headed one. No surprise there since he controls fire. He also has a lot of issues with Michael. Hope they work it out! Nick... I really like him! I don't know what it is about him though. I just know I really like him. And then we have Chris with his element water. I just love him. How he fell for Becca and just the way he is. He loves his family so much even though things have been so hard. 

Now, you would think it was all about the Merrick brothers and Becca. Wrong! There's someone else involved too. New Kid as Becca called him first, but his real name is Hunter. I love that name, by the way. :)   I really liked Hunter too. I even loved him. With his piercings and tattoos and just his whole look was awesome to me. Also I think he really cared for Becca even with everything that happened and the secrets he kept. And he's so cute with his dog!  And yes we have a love triangle there!

The other more characters I kinda wanted to bitch slap all the time. Tyler, Seth and Drew. Assholes. I hope they get what they deserve soon. Especially Drew. I also didn't feel the love for Becca's best friend Quinn. At times I liked her but not mostly. She was kinda meh to me. Oh well... I did love Becca's mother. She seemed just so loving and when Michael showed up in scrapes and what not she took care of him even though she didn't knew him. It was good for Michael too since his mother passed away years ago. It was adorable to see him being fussed over and him letting her. One of the more bigger turns was with Becca's father. I so didn't see that one coming but it was a really good twist! Loved it. There was also a twist with Hunter but I saw that one coming since the start. And with Becca too. About how she's also a *spoiler* fifth!

I really really really loved this world. I loved reading about these elemental powers. How the brother could draw strenght from each element they could control (or does the element control them?!).  I never read anything quite like it before. 

The only slightly and that's a tiny tiny tiny slight thing that bothered me was the repetitive use of the word hassle. I saw it a lot. So I was like maybe Kemmerer could use a different word sometime? Maybe not even worth mentioning but yeah there you go. But really the books was kinda perfect to me!

The romance was oh so sweet! Becca had a hard time trusting both Chris as Hunter because of the rumours her exboyfriend had spread. Trust me, it wasn't nice! But eventually she learned to trust him and then Hunter totally ruined her trust. Anyway... I don't have a favorite between those guys. I love em both. I did love how Chris kissed Becca at the end after he found out she wasn't dating Hunter anymore. So totally cute! 

Storm was a flood of action, 5 hot guys, witty dialogue and sweet romance. A must-read for every person who wants something totally different to read. You'll love it!