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Dangerous Sanctuary

Dangerous Sanctuary - Michelle Diener Another amazing story about Susanna Horenbout and John Parker.
Dangerous Sanctuary is a short story set between the first book, In a Treachrous Court, and the second book, Keeper of the King's Secrets.

This story begins with Susanna working on a painting of the ceremony in St. Paul's Cathedral to celebrate the capture of king Francis from French I. By coincidence Susanna overhears word of someone who's thinking about hurting the king.
With Parker not able to reach the bitter nobleman until it'll be too late, Susanna realizes she would be the only one who can save the king as well as nobleman from his own death because of his anger.

I decided to read this when I received Keeper of the King's Secrets in my mailbox last week, since this story comes before the second book I wanted to read it before that.
I have yet to read a book by Michelle Diener that I dislike, the first couple of books I read from her were amazing and this short story isn't an exception.
There is just something about Michelle Diener's writing that captivates me. I was hooked from the first to the very last word.
I love Susanna's character. She's so brave and talented and not to mention Flemish. She's definitely one of my favorite fictional female main characters.
John Parker as always was handsome, sexy and ready for action. I love how much he wants to protect Susanna but not always can. But Susanna is definitely capable of standing up for herself, which we see in this book by the way she confronts Pole.

Not many authors can pull off short stories, but this one was absolutely successful. It had the right amount of everything that's needed from a short story that sets between books. Danger, suspense, amazing heroines and sexy heroes, ready to save the say and stop the villain (who in my eyes wasn't exactly a real villain because I understand his reasons) right in time.
This short story was just the perfect addition to the Susanna Horenbout and John Parker series.
Also, I would urge you to read the extra stuff after the actual story about the history. It's very interesting.