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Fearless - Brigid Kemmerer When Clare Kasten seeks Hunter out, talking to him, asking him questions about guns, Hunter can't believe a girl finally takes notice on him. Hunter feels compelled to help her as best as he can even though his father warns him against it. His father's motto after all is: Use them before they use you.

I loved this Novella about Hunter Garrity. I already liked him a lot in Storm but now that I know a little more about his background and know where he is coming from, I can understand him more.

I've always liked Hunter. I knew there was something off about him in Storm and was proven right. Even so, I still love him. And it's not like he's a bad dude. He's very crushable actually! ^^
I haven't read Spark yet, but I'm definitely going to dig into it as soon as I can. Storm was one of my favorite books I have read in 2012 so I gotta get on with this series!