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The Prince: A Selection Novella

The Prince - Kiera Cass Alrighty! After months of waiting for this one to come out, I finally read it. Woop! Woop! It was a pretty good read and I'm glad to have been able to get a glimpse of Maxon's mind.
The Prince takes us back a few days before the selection where Maxon prepares himself or tries to anyway. He struggles with his nerves a lot, wondering if there will be anyone at all he'll like. Also we meet a friend of his, Daphne. That's the girl the description talks about. Personally I don't think Maxon has any feelings for her, though she herself is very clear about those. And I decide I do not like her. I wish for Maxon and America to be together. If only... Anyway. Daphne leaves again to go back to her home in France and that's that. Then the story moves on to where the selection starts and where he meets America in the garden onto the first official meetings with the girls. We also get some insight to what he thinks about some of the other girls. Not sure how I feel about that but fine, he's allowed to have opinions. I also have decided I dislike his father a lot.
But overall I liked this novella about Maxon. I really love this guy. Especially when he doesn't know what to do when girls cry. Poor fella! ;)