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With This Kiss: Part One

With This Kiss: Part One - Eloisa James Copy received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I requested this book on Edelweiss because it looked like a nice, short read + I love historical fiction a lot.

With This Kiss: Part One wasn't what I expected but I definitely liked it. It wasn't the best historical fiction I have ever read, though the story did speak to me, especially near the end.

This story mainly follows Grace and Colin from childhood until Grace is nineteen years old. Grace has had a crish on Colin forever. When she reaches adulthood she's slowly realizing that Colin won't ever return her feelings, especially not since Colin has noticed Grace's pretty, younger sister.

Me, personally didn't like the childhood years, although Colin was already sixteen while Grace only ten. Anyway, I didn't like those first chapters a lot because I awlays feel like stories from childhood are a little boring. Of course there are exception I have come across recently. But with this novella I couldn't help but feel that way.
I liked Grace a lot more when she was grown up. I don't think I can say the same for Colin though. He didn't know what he wanted and was rather broken from the wars he has been through. But the most I disliked about the guy was the fact that he "fell in love" with Grace's sister, Lily so suddenly, and even sort of proposed to her. Although when he was back at sea he came to his senses. But it might be just too little, too late.

The thing I liked the most about Grace was how she knew she had to move on from Colin, that she knew she had to move on from him, because it would only hurt her more. Smart girl. But on the other hand she and Colin would make a great couple together. So I'm kinda torn there but we'll see how it goes in the next part. There is hope yet!

I was really surprised when the story ended all of a sudden on a little cliffhanger. I hadn't seen that coming at all. So I'm really curious about that next part.

Overall it was a nice, likable read that you can finish in one pull. The writing was well done and the characters and dialogue flowed nicely. I absolutely want to read more.