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Spark (Elemental)

Spark - Brigid Kemmerer Smacking myself on the head for waiting this long to read Spark, so I'm really happy to have finally done it.

The first book, Storm (about Chris), was one of my favorite books of last year. I've been very excited, wondering about its sequel and I must say I enjoyed it. Spark is one of those books where I had to write a review immediately.

Spark is Gabriel's story. The hot-headed one of the four brothers. His element is fire, so it's not a surprise that he has a temper. He fights a lot with his older brother (and legal guardian) Michael. All he really cares about is hiw twin, Nick, and playing sports.
I love Gabriel. He's as is quoted in the book, "insanely hot" but inside I feel that he's hurting so much. Sometimes he broke my heart by trying to be mean and push people away but I'm so happy for him that he has Layne now. They're amazing together.
Layne also was a great character. I love how she takes care of her little brother who's deaf and how she stood up against Gabriel in the beginning of this book. I also really liked how she had her own secrets that she wasn't willing to share right away. She really did see Gabriel for who he really was and vice versa. Layne's friend Kara (or whatever her name was) on the other hand was awful. What a bitch! I couldn't understand why Layne was friends with her but luckily they aren't anymore which is a huge relief.
Anyway, Spark mostly revolves aroud Gabriel and his struggles with school, his brothers and the fact that he gets accused of being an arsonist. I liked this book, really I did but I have to admit that I expected a little more from this book because Storm had been so good. Spark lacked the action I wanted. There were some prett hilarious moments though, like when Gabriel first meets Layne's father. Gabriel was shameless! Loved it!
I also really liked that there were many Gabriel/Michael moments. Michael is my favorite of the guys still and he was amazing as always. Much love!
There was also quite a bit of Hunter in this book. I love Hunter. And it seemed like he and Gabriel were on their way to becoming really good friends (can you say bromance? ;D) but something happened to not make it go that way. Too bad but I'm sure in the next book, Spirit (Hunter's story), they'll figure it out.

All in all Spark was a pretty good read that I enjoyed. Only too bad of the lack of action but Gabriel Merrick is and will always be awesome to read about, as all the Merrick brothers are.

Full of romance, elemental magic, witty dialogues and hot guys, Spark will set your heart on fire.