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Scarlet - A C Gaughen I was always very intrigued by stories of Robin Hood. I've read some books, seen a lot of movies and tv shows so when I first came across this book I knew I had to read it. Really, I just love everything about Robin Hood.
I saw amazing reviews on Goodreads, a lot of them were five stars, so that even made me want it all the more, though it took me a while to actually get to it with my To-Be-Read pile that is so high + it has a green cover so it was perfect for a challenge on Goodreads about Irish related things or green covers. Scarlet has a greenish cover so score!
Other than that I hadn't seen much around about Scarlet on social networks and all that but I'm glad I finally did read it eventually.

Scarlet is about, as you can probably guess or see from the description, about Scarlet also known as Will Scarlet. Only maybe not the Will Scarlet you might've read about or seen in movies. Will Scarlet actually is a girl. Only Robin Hood and his band know she is. With her many secrets, she tries to keep everyone on a distance, even Robin. Or so she tries. When Gisbourne closes in, things start getting more dangerous than they usually are.

Ah, how in love I am with this Robin Hood. He's younger than I would expect with his twenty-one years but it is a Young Adult book so not really that surprising. And he is, just like A.C. Gaughen says in the authors word, very moody. But I love that about him. It was also really funny when he got jealous at some moments. It made me smile because it was so darn adorable.
Our heroine, Scarlet was kick-ass. She can steal, she can fight, she can cuss like a sailor and she doesn't let anyone own her. I love this girl. She is one tough heroine!

Little John was also a favorite character of mine. I just love this guy. What I loved the most, I think, was his growing adoration for Scarlet. She might not believe he's serious about her, but I do. I hope this'll get more story in the next book.
Much, who's appeared to be the weaker member of the band was so sweet! And him and his explosives don't at all make him weak in my eyes.
There were some surprised but I actually had guessed them before so I wasn't surprised, personally. But I still thought they were the good kind of twists. Just delcious!

Now there were some things that bothered me while reading Scarlet, unfortunately. Up until page hundred I couldn't get into this book at all. I even thought it was boring. I was seriously struggling to read in it. It was just after the first hundred pages that I started enjoying it. I think it was the point where the love triangle starts. Not a big love triangle because we all know who Scarlet really loves but still, things finally got interesting. And John is such a cutie. ;$
Anyway... The writing seemed a little bit off and weird at first. I had to get used to Scarlet's way of talking. It was really strange but when I finally did get used to it I really did enjoy it. Though I wasn't a huge fan of the action in this (and normally I love action in books) I liked it and I do want to read the next book which comes out in 2014.

All in all Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen is an interesting take on the story of Robin Hood. It has everything you expect from a story like it; action, romance, secret tunnels, murder and betrayal. Gaughen also has a certain way with words. I thought sometimes what she wrote was quite beautiful.