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Pure: The Second Covenant Novel

Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout I've had Pure for a while now, sitting on my shelf, withering away, waiting for me to read it, after I'd finished Half-Blood which I really liked. I don't know what made me pick it up. Maybe because Apollyon is coming out soon and I want to be caught up with the whole series by then? Maybe I'm just in need of some awesome JLA books. Whatever it was, I'm so freaking happy (and kinda scared) that I did.
I've seen countless 5 star reviews of it on Goodsreads. I'm not kidding, pretty much the only reviews there are 5 stars, as it usually is with JLA's books. Only here and there the rare 3, 2 and 1 star review. I can't imagine what somebody thinks giving this book such a low rating but whatever. So far any of JLA's books have not yet disappointed me. I haven't read them all. Definitely not by far but I doubt there'll be one I'd hate. Anyhow... I'm getting off topic again. In one word this book was just awesome!

So much happened in this book, it's hard to get my thoughts together for this one. Alex is so strong in this book. No doubt about that. Although there were times when I wanted to slap her, especially when she was always staring at Aiden with this love sick puppy look. I don't have anything against Aiden. He's swoon-worthy and the zoo thing he did for Alex was pretty cute but even he knows that they can't be together. I was even sad for them when Aiden kind of broke things off with her in a cold way. But luckily Seth was there for Alex. Making me even love Seth more. Truly, Seth was probably the biggest reason for me to totally love this book. I can't express how much I love him. And he cares so much for Alex. Team Seth all the way!

There didn't seem to be too much action in this book, except at the end. Major battle. Though I reminded me of Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy #3) I can't help myself but be reminded of it. Anyway, though not much action, I love it anyway.
And it was sad, so damn sad. Someone dies. Which was really obvious from book one that that person was going to die and yet my heart is still broken.

Jennifer L. Armentrout did it once again! She knows how to capture the attention of her readers time and time again. Pure was heart-breaking but an awesome sequel to Half-Bloood nonetheless. I can't wait to read more!