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With This Kiss: Part Three

With This Kiss: Part Three - Eloisa James The end of With This Kiss: Part Two was a little nerve-wrecking. I couldn't predict what exactly would happen. Would Grace leave or not? Would she and Colin and up together at last or not? Now that I have finally read Part Three I'm so glad. What happened was way better than I expected. So glad about the end.

With This Kiss: Part Three starts out with Colin wanting to prove to Grace that she is the one he wants and that it isn't just because he took her virginity before. He loves her and he'll show her that. Oh, boy, did he. There were some pretty steamy parts yet again. Colin going all alpha male on Grace was something to read about. I can't say I don't love Colin now. I know at first I didn't like him but it has totally turned around. He's amazing. He and Grace are really cute together and so meant to be.
I'm glad Grace finally accepted that Colin wants her and that isn't just duty what makes him want to marry her. But even so they are together now, she won't let him boss her around and I really like that about Grace. She's such a great, strong character.

I am sad that this short series has come to an end now but the epilogue made up for it. Normally I really, really dislike epilogues because I'd rather have books ends with suggestion. But I loved this one! I wonder if there will be some stories about Grace and Colin's daughter, Portia? If so, that would be amazing. I also NEED to read Eloisa James's other books. I can't wait to get my hands on them because she is now one of my favorite historical romanc authors and I hope the books will be as good as these stories have been.
The only little minor point I have to say is that I didn't enjoy part three as much as I enjoyed part 2. The first few chapters of this one were amazing but then it seemed a little slower to me. So that's why it doesn't get the full 5 stars. However it still is and will always be a great historical romance that I love.

With This Kiss: Part Two by Eloisa James is the perfect conclusion to the series. It all ends and clicks perfectly. A lot of romance and finally Lieutenant Colin and Lady Grace get their happy ending together.