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Eversea: a love story

Eversea - Natasha Boyd Holy crap, I loved this book! It was really really good. I'm so glad I got the chance to read it, so another thank you to Natasha Boyd for giving me the chance!

I liked this book right from the moment I read the first paragraph. Sometimes you read something and you know right from the first moment it'll be great; Eversea was a book just like that.
The first thing I noticed about it was how funny the main character, Keri Ann, was. I loved her sense of humor and inner thoughts. And other than that she was also really strong but also a very lovable girl with a big heart.
Another thing I loved was the setting. Lately I have a thing about books set in a southern place. I just love it all!

You'd think a book about a small town girl meeting a famous hollywood actor has been done so many times but I honestly enjoyed it immensely. I always enjoyed picking this book up and continue reading throughout the whole story. There's nothing more terrible than dreading to pick up a book, which lately I've had a lot with other books, so I'm really glad it wasn't so with Eversea.

I'm cutting right to the chase and say that Jack Eversea was just so amazing to read about. Yum, yum. I admit, I have fallen for him also.

"He was like a bright and beautiful rogue planet. He pulled the entire galaxy into a gravitational wobble until he got close enough to suck you in and tilt your axis head over heels."

I loved how he and Keri Ann had this unbelievable intense attraction, but it wasn't an insta-love kind of thing. Their feelings devoloped slowly but surely and I loved every single moment of it! The romance was hot. No other way to put it. Natasha Boyd can write some delicious romance scenes. Loved it!
Also turtles are one of my favorite animals and they played a big part in this book for how Jack got a tattoo of one and what it represented to him. <3<br/>
The other characters in it were really well written, too. My favorite besides Keri Ann and Jack was Jazz, the best friend of Keri Ann. I loved her! Everyone should have a friend like hers in their life. She was so much fun to read about and such a great friend to Keri Ann. I hope, maybe in one of the next books she will end up with Joey after all. It just has to happen!

The only reason why this isn't a full blown five star read for me is, that eventually I got really frustrated by Keri Ann. I love the girl and all that, but I wanted her to have more confidance. A lot of time she was misjudging Jack, which is totally understandable, but even with the slightest frown she thought he wasn't into her anymore, which is ridiculous because he was totally into her. And also in the beginning it was a little hard to get into the writing. I didn't feel like it flowed enough for my liking but once I got more into it I started liking it all a lot! Other than those things, this book was a perfect new adult read.

Oh and I love how Jack played the part of her favorite hero, Max, from a book. I mean talk about a dream come through! I've also learned that said book is an actual story written by Natasha, that she may go through with someday. I really hope she will because it sounds awesome.
Also, love the playlist that was with the book. I always love it when authors can find songs that connect to the book of characters because I also always connect music to books. And that playlist is simply perfection!

Overall, Eversea by Natasha Boyd was a very romantic new adult book with some seriously unexpected twists that had me screaming not only inside my head but also out loud (no joke). The characters were so great! Keri Ann was a great heroine, who learned what she truly wanted in her life and finally took the steps to get it. And Jack Eversea, well, I'm sure he'll have even more fangirls fawning over him with every person who reads this book. I would highly recommend it to every new adult fan and even if you don't usually read books like this, read it anyway, it might surprise you.

Oh and last but not least, at the end there was one chapter in Jack's point of view which made me just crazy with giggles. I love male points of view and Natasha Boys nailed it! *squee*