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Onyx (A Lux Novel)

Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout I'm going to try to keep this review spoiler-free so I don't give you all a heart attack with everything that happens in this book. ;)

I finally got around to reading this book! Finally, because I had this book since last summer but you know how it goes, other books keep coming in the way.
I absolutely freaking loved the first book, Obsidian so there was no doubt about it that I wanted to read the second one also. In the meantime I had heard so many great things about it and watched the trailer too. And of course the cookie video scene (which you can see here below) triggered my interest a lot!

Right from the start I loved Onyx. Just like in Obsidian I loved Katy's voice and I missed reading about her. Everything about Katy screams amazing YA heroine (except maybe the fact that she can keep her hands off of Daemon for so long...). I love her because she's a book nerd like a lot of us readers and has a review blog. Of course that makes a likable character but it's more than that. She's just awesome in the way she handles herself, especially in this book because she doesn't want to stand around, waiting for Daemon to come save her if anything should happen. Kick-ass, Katy. In Onyx she had quite a few trust issues with Daemon, which is understandable but in the end it definitely costs her.

One of my favorite aspects in this book was how Katy wasn't really the exact same girl anymore. Obviously after everything that happened in Obsidian and was happening throughout Onyx changed her forever. I can't press enough how much I dislike whiny "heroines" who play the damsel in distress, waiting for their supernatural boyfriend to come save them. Katy definitely is not one of those, luckily. She absolutely kicks some serious ass now. Gotta love that.
There was a lot more alien-business this time and also the DOD showed up, showing interest in Katy which caused a lot of trouble and stress for our characters. Add a few intense twist and turns and you have a unputdownable book.

Daemon as always was Daemon. Cocky, unbelievably sexy, intense. He and Katy were bantering away like aways. But I really did believe his feelings for Katy were real, even when Katy thought it was because of their connection. Daemon really tries to win Katy for him, wooing her. It was darn cute! Some of the amazing things he did and said to her almost brought tears to me eyes (in a good way!). I couldn't get enough of him again! One of my favorite scenes was where he sat with Katy do to a in my mailbox kinda video. It was so funny and adorable! Me ♥ Daemon. A lot!

Out of the blue a new guy, Blake, shows up also showing interest in Katy, which ticked Daemon off to no end. Actually it was nice to see Daemon jealous for a change, especially when Blake offers to train Katy.
At first I honestly liked Blake, I really did. But after a while I also saw through him and thought something was seriously off about him.
There wasn't as much Dee in this book which I made me sad but I get why Katy was avoiding her. I did like how Dee and Adam had found each other, which turned out to be so sad at the end but I had seen it coming, sadly enough. Also I character I ought to mention is Katy's mom's new boyfriend, Will, the doctor. I didn't like him at all. I never did from the start. And I was right to not to like him... I gotta say this I loved it when Katy said "fuck you" to him. If/when you read the book you'll know what scene I'm talking about.
I must admit at first I had to get into this world and it took me a little while but I loved it nontheless. The end definitely picked up and god, was it intense. Way more intense than Obsidian in my eyes. Shocking events happening. People betraying each other. Choas! And then small cliffhanger, but it was a damn good one.

Also in this book there was never ending sexual tension between Katy and Daemon as usual. There's some pretty hot scenes for a YA book but gotta love that. But even with that the romance was so sweet and true.

I'm pretty sure everything who's loved the first book will love this sequel also. Onyx for sure is a worthy sequel to Obisdian. It had more action, more drama, more unexpected heart-stopping twists and turns and more yummy Daemon. isn't that all we secretly want?