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Opal (A Lux Novel)

Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout Right from the moment I read Obsidian I knew this would be one of my favorite series ever and it's true. I enjoy these books a lot (who wouldn't?) and I love Jennifer L Armentrout's writing! She just knows what us fangirls want.

Daemon. Daemon. Daemon. I would lie if he wasn't a big part of why I read these books. I just love him so much. Why can't he be real? Anyway... I love the writing. It's just so enjoyable and I love Katy's voice. I love that she's such a book nerd like a lot of us are. I love how she freaks out when she gets new books and how she loves reading and reviewing. We all can relate, right? But not only that, Katy has changed a lot from the first book. She's grown up and would do anything it takes to protect the ones she loves.
Daemon as always was amazing. He loves Katy so much even though he doesn't tell her yet. You can feel it in the way he is around her, how he wants to protect her... *sigh*

I was so nervous to really getting to know Dawson, wondering what he was like and everything and I must say, I love him. I love how he is with Daemon. And I freaking love that they watch ghost shows together. Bro-time!
I was also sad because of Katy and Dee's relationship. I understand where Dee is coming from but it still broke my heart. At least at the end it started to be okay for a little bit.

I must say that I didn't enjoy this book AS much as the others. It just missed something to me. It wasn't full of the awesomeness that I'm used to but I did love it, because helloooo Daemon. I just wished there would be a little more, action? I'm not sure if that's it but it lacked something at least. The end of course was killer. As I was warned. I didn't see it coming, if anything I would've thought it to be the other way around.

Overall Opal was a great book in this amazing series. Aliens will never ever be the same to me. Goodbye greys and hello delicious Daemon! Everyone will love this book/series and be crushed by this heartbreaking ending. Cliffhangers, damn you!

And now all we can do is wait and wait for Origin!