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Poison Diaries

The Poison Diaries  - Maryrose Wood, The Duchess Of Northumberland The Poison Diaries by Maryrose Wood is a dark, captivating tale that is based on a concept by the Duchess of Northumberland.
My first thoughts were, what is this mindfuckery?! I admit I found it a little weird... okay, a lot weird! But that might be because I read the book in my own language instead of english because I got it from the library. So I don't know if I would find it this weird if I read it in english... anyway... this book being sort of weird doesn't mean it was bad. Not at all acutally. It's a pretty short book; about 164 pages... so one can finished this in a day or so. Like I did. By the time I finished this book I totally loved it. Even when it was in Dutch.
Our main character is Jessamine. She was quite naive and a little whiny in my eyes but I didn't hate reading about her.
Weed I loved of course. Messy black hair and green eyes. Just try not falling for that!
They fell in love pretty quickly, but I didn't mind. It was sort of cute in their own way.
Thomas, Jessamines father who has a rather unhealthy obsession about his dangerous poison garden. I did not like him. Especially not after I found out what he did... *dum dum duuuuum*
Other than Jessamine, Weed and Thomas there weren't really any other characters in it, except the plants. Yes, they're characters too. And the mysterious Oleander. I'm sure I'll read more of him in the next book. Well, I hope so. He definitely caught my attention.
The start of this book was a little slow and I was wondering if it was going anywhere, but then the plot sped up a little and I couldn't stop reading.
This novel has a lot of potential. I know there's a second book, and yes, I will be reading that for sure to see how the story goes on but sadly the third book was apparently canceled so I'll never know how it did end I guess. I said that this book has a lot of potential but maybe it could've been a little longer but nevertheless I gave it 4 stars because I loved the gothic and dark feel of it. This isn't a typical YA book. One of the maincharacters even murders in it. It even creeped me out and I like to think that I'm used to unconventional novels but here you go. Also the plant stuff makes it a special book too. I really liked that aspect.
Overall this was a pretty intriguing and fast paced book. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to pick up a different read than what they used to.