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Inside Out (Harlequin Teen)

Inside Out - Maria V. Snyder A huge thanks to my dear friend Emilie who was so sweet to gift me this book (and the second!) because she really wanted me to read it. Keep spreading the book love, girl!

I have to admit that at first —although Em kept raving about how amazing this books is — I didn't have too high hopes for Inside Out. The reason only being that I had grown a little sick of dystopian YA books, feeling as if they all resemble one another, and especially the female characters in (any) young adult books mosly bore me. Even when I started this book, I was thinking what did I get myself into because I was so confused by what was going on and I couldn't follow the storyline it seemed but fortunately the story did pick up very soon after that and before I knew it I was hooked!

I was truly surprised by how much I liked this book. The characters were what stood out to me the most. Especially the main character, Trella. She was a very strong girl. I like strong characters a lot and Trella has got to be one of the best female characters in YA, especially for that reason; her strenght. She might not be physically strong but inside she was kick-ass! She actually reminded me a little bit of Katniss Everdeen even.
A lot of the other characters also stood out for me. Cog, Riley, Logan, Anne-Jade, Jacy, Broken Man even LC Karla and Doctor Lamont. There was quite a varierty of a bunch of characters, all different from one another. And let's not forget Sheepy! ;)

There were some rocking plot twists that I didn't see coming at all. I swear I used to be good at expecting these kind of things but with Inside Out I was totally taken by surprise by a few things. Gotta love that!
Another thing I loved about this book is how romance didn't take up a lot of the book. It's only when we reach the end when there's some romance in it. It's perfect that way.

Overall Inside Out was simply awesome. A great storyline, even greater characters and unexpected twists + lots of action! What more can you want from a book?