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Immortal Heart (Few Are Angels)

Immortal Heart - Inger Iversen This book has been one of the highest anticipated books of 2013 for me and am so glad I got the chance to read it already. I read it really fast — in only two days. A part of my wished I hadn't finished it already, that I had relished in it more but I couldn't help myself it was just so damn good!

Immortal Heart is a prequel to Few Are Angels about Kale that takes place before he met Ella. I was very excited to find out about Kale's life before Few Are Angels. He's one of my favorite characters in the series so I had very high hopes for this book. Knowing Inger, and the amazingness of Few Are Angels and also the second book Awakened, I was sure I wasn't going to be disappointed too much but I had never expected to love Immortal Heart as much as I did really. It was amazing and I wished it didn't end as quickly as I did (due to my fast reading of it).

It was amazing to see Kale walking through life more than a century after Hélène's dead and before he even meets Ella. I loved learning more about him and his inner struggles.
Though the prequel is mostly about him there were other points of views also. One of them was Deacon. What can I say about him other than that he's covered in awesomesauce? Because he truly is. But he isn't just that. He also has his own issues and I loved learning more about him than what we've seen in the Few Are Angels series. I love him to bits and pieces. He was (after Kale) my favorite character in this book.
Another POV was Sola, which is a new character and was a potential love interest to Kale. I wasn't sure I was going to like her due to the fact that I like Kale with Ella so much but I did like her a lot. First of all she has a beautiful name, Sola. And other than that she was so much fun to read about and so witty. I'm glad she and Kale met and have this kind of connection and history with each other now.

My favorite aspect of the whole book was not only Kale's tale was the storyline of the human blood trafficking. I loved how Inger weaved that in the story and not made it solely about Kale and Sola. It gave the book that extra portion of excitement and danger.
It's kind of hard not giving to much away but I wonder if anything of what happened in Immortal Heart will be somehow appeared in the next Few Are Angels book. Who knows!

So personally I think it's Inger's best writing so far. I really do. A lot of the things she wrote were so beautiful, especially the part with Hélène in the end. Simply gorgeous! <3<br/>

Overall this book is in my opnion a much needed and totally amazing adition to the Few Are Angels series. Inger Iversen just keeps writing better and better books that leave me breathless. So am I looking forward to the next Few Are Angels book? Hell to the yes!

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