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The Wish List

The Wish List - Eoin Colfer The Wish List is no Artemis Fowl but, damn it, if I didn't love it!
For a long time now I've had a dislike to heaven/hell - angel/demon books. I can't quite explain why but from all paranormal books I dislike books about that certain topic the least. However, Eoin Colfer shows with The Wish List how you write a truly great book in this topic. It was fun, very humoristic. I laughed a lot. But it was also very heart warming.

Eoin Colfer always creates amazing characters that I love. Meg Finn was one of them. Though I tend to read more books where the main characters are 16+, I really like Eoin's characters who tend to be more of the age of 12+. Meg was 14 in this book and I loved her. She had a lot to deal with in her life, like her mother dying, which left her all alone with her awful stepfather. When she gets involved in a attempted robbery of the elderly Lowrie McCall together with Belch things go wrong when an explosion occurs which causes for both Meg and Belch to die. As a spirit, Meg ends up in limbo, right in the middle between hell and heaven. To go to heaven she'll have to help Lowrie McCall to do all the things on his Wish List. But Belch is on her heels to stop her from doing the good deed she'll do if she helps Lowrie.

The Wish List is a very fast, light book but nevertheless amazing as I always expect from a Colfer book. Is it the best book of him? No, of course not. That honor (in my opinion) goes to Artemis Fowl but if you want to read something different by him, you should definitely try it. I'm sure no one will be able to put it down once they start this adventure!

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