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Origin (Lux)

Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout Holy... shit... I finally did it. I read Origin! It took me a while because first it had to arrive and that takes a while and then I got scared with thinking about what would be happening in it and then I just got distracted by other books. Bad Stephanie. Very bad Stephanie, I know. Daemon, you should spank me. ;)
Anyway... reading this book took me almost a week, which is pretty long for my standards. I'm sure if it were any other book I would have finished it in 3 or 4 days but this is Origin and Jennifer L. Armentrout we are talking about here so I didn't want to rush it too much. I'm glad I did that, although the last two hours of reading Origin were kind of filled with WTFs and heart attack moments. If you haven't read this book yet... be prepared with paper bags for breathing, drinks and snacks because you're not gonna want to get up and make sure you're alone because, trust me, you're going to want to scream out loud at this book and curse JLA for doing this to us (still love her though).
Also I will try not to give any spoilers but bear with me because it is so damn hard.

'She pulled back, her eyes searching mine, and then she reclaimed the distance, and, damn, the kiss was half innocent, half desperate, and wholly perfect.'

Starting Origin, I really didn't know what to expect because I didn't love the previous book, Opal, as much as I did the other books in the series. And before you all start growling and snarling at me, I did give it four stars since I really liked it but it wasn't the most awesome book I ever read by JLA, so shush! Luckily for me, I did love Origin. This fourth book in the Lux series was so badass with a lot of cute, sweet, witty and steamy moments. It was also a whole lot darker than the other books in the series but that was part why I loved it so much. That and Daemon's point of view. God, I really loved his POV. I was so glad to being able to know what's inside that sexy head of his and how he would literally do ANYTHING to get to Katy and keep her safe. As usual Daemon was his cocky, kickassing and awesome self. Gotta love him for it. Him and Katy were perfection together. I love them as a couple so much, even more after reading Origin and you can really feel the love in the book. And they definitely confirm the love that is between them. Katy's chapters were slightly darker with everything she had to witness and go through in the compound. It really messed with her head, I think. I felt like the first part when Katy was with Daedalus in the compound (at Area 51 no less, holy shit!) was definitely the darkest. It was tense, and I could really feel the anger, pain and fear. Also when Daemon finally got to her, it was still dark although they were finally together but the people behind Daedalus? Sick fucks! I mean, seriously, the things happening there were so messed up, I got literally sick to my stomach at one point. But nevertheless I loved reading those parts though it definitely changed Daemon and Katy to their core. You can obsolutely see them both change and grow, which I felt like was good for their characters eventually.
But it was not all dark and gloomy in the compound. A lot of the times I was laughing out loud at some of the snarky, witty or outright hilarious moments.

'He stepped aside, allowing me back into the hallway. As we headed to another elevator, he was glued to my hip. "As close as you're riding me, man, I feel like I need to take you out to dinner or something. At least I should get your name.'

One of my favorite things in the book was how we saw more of some characters like Luc. I loved that. He's one of my favorites in this series to read about and I'm so glad we finally know what's really up with him. It will blow your mind, I tell ya! And of course we also saw Hunter which made me all happy inside. Him and Daemon should totally try to hang out sometime. That would be interesting.
The other usual characters like Dee, Dawson, Ash, Blake and everyone else were not as much in the book, which I'm sure we all knew was the case, but JLA did make up for it at the end of Origin, so don't fret. And we did get to see some super cute moments between Dawson and Beth. Just... awwww! And of course the not so suprising surprise there. ;)
Aside from the good old characters we all know and love (or hate?) we met quite a few new ones. My favorite new character definitely was Archer. Right from the moment you met him, you know something is different about him. I almost had a heart attack when I found out what exactly. But, boy, do I love him!

“Well, aren't you just a special snowflake," Daemon murmured.
"That I am." Archer's lips quirked into a half grin.”

Be warned when you read Origin, this is not a happy book. It's the most heartbreaking book in the series that made me feel so much. It really was a rollercoaster of emotions. One moment everything seems okay, well as okay as they can be with everything happening there and the next moment drama is happening and really, really shit does hit the fan all the time practically. This might be a spoiler, kind of, but... characters are dropping dead like flies. One moment they're alive and talking or fighting and what not and the next? Dead. Dead. Dead. I was shocked by how many died. Am I freaking you out yet? Yeah, you should be afraid! And yet, this did nothing to make this book suck or anything. No. Though very painful at times and the betrayals made me want to pull my hair out, this book was an amazing read. Not my favorite of the series, that would go to the first book but it stood out in a different kind of way. I loved it. And trust me when I say that the ending will freak you out so much. It freaked even me out and I'm used to a lot of crazy cliffhangers but this one tops it all off. Like Daemon would say, Jesus H. Mary mother of Christ in crutches!

'Luc cast both of us dark looks. "I get that you two have problems—big problems—but guess what? You're not the only aliens out there who are butt sore. There are bigger problems than what you guys have. Yeah, I know, hard to believe."
I glanced over at Hunter, who shrugged again and said, "someone didn't get his warm milk this morning."
I snickered.'

Heartbreaking but totally awesome, Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout is one of the best books I've read by this author so far. I loved the darkness, the tense, action filled and scary moments. The shocking revelations made me practically scream and shout but then the sweet and tender moments would make me sigh happily. An emotional rollercoaster for sure but such a fantastic book in an equally fantastic series. I'm both scared and excited for the final part coming next summer. Bring on the invasion, baby!

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