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Wait for You (Wait for You, #1)

Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn So, first of all I need to say that I love all books by this author, except maybe for Frigid. I wasn't too thrilled about that one. And that was my first new adult book I read by her. But I must say that Wait For You is a 1000 times better. Already the first chapter in it was way better than the whole book of Frigid. With that said, I must als admit that Wait For You wasn't flawless at all but it was definitely not a disappointment.

In Wait For You we meet a nineteen-year-old Avery who has moved across the country to attend collage and to get away from her home and everything that happened there five years ago. It's there that she meets Cam, who happens to live not only in her apartment building, but also right next to her, with his roommate and pet turtle, Raphael. It's not long before something beautiful grows between the two...
But Avery can't seem to let go of her past and soon it starts to stand in the way between her and Cam. Will she be able to trust in him or will she run away from him?

Wait For You isn't the best new aduly book I have ever read but it was pretty damn great and I read in like a day.
J. Lynn's writing always manages to entertain me from start to end and her stories never get boring.
However... I had come across some negative points. First and the most important one being Avery and my dislike of her. She frustrated me most of the time. The way she would refust to trust Cam while he had told her his big secret and that had been hard for him, too. Besides, I just didn't like Avery all that much as a person. Even when we finally find out what happened to her, which was drawn out for too long.
My second negative point is all the typos and errors in the writing. There were quite a lot of them and I know for a fact that it has also been bothering other people too. I just would expect better from an author like J. Lynn.
But all bitching and complaining aside, I really liked this book. Not the author's best book, but not her worst either and definitely a favorite of mine.

Let's talk about Cam (finally). I. Love. Him. So. Much. From his blue eyes, to his one dimple, to the way he always cooks Avery eggs on Sunday, to his overall amazingness. I she my favorite book guy from Jennifer's books? No. But, damn it, if I wasn't swooning everytime he appeared in the story. And how cute was Raphael?! Turtles and eggs definitely have a new more awesome meaning to me now (and I so want a turtle also!).
As for the other characters, there were a bunch that I loved. Like Avery's freinds, Brittany and Jacob. Especially Jacob was a hoot!
I also really liked Cam's roommate and family. Cam's parents were awesome and I love how kind they were to Avery. Cam's sister was great, too. I wonder what it is with that family and being awesome...
Anyway, even though I'm not Avery's biggest fan, the other characters definitely made up for it.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Wait For You by J. Lynn. It was an entertaining new adult books that I absolutely enjoyed even with the flaws it had. I would definitely recommend it.