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Goodnight Sam (Running in the Dark #0.5)

Goodnight Sam (Running in the Dark #0.5) - Inger Iversen I already read this book last year but when Inger Iversen told us it got free on Amazon, I wanted to reread it to leave a new and better review of it. I'm glad to feel pretty much the same as I did when I read it over a year ago. I would still give it five stars and I still think it's an amazing short story.

"Denial. Anger. Pain. Loneliness: my old companions that have beaten me into the ground in the past have returned here in the early morning hours on this dock to take Sam's place."

Honestly, I had forgotten how amazing this story was, even if it is really short. I love short stories and Goodnight Sam has to be one of my favorites. I love Hope's voice and her story with Sam. It's somber and breaks my heart but also beautiful.

"Beasts in a world of lambs are all he and I are, and I have to to accept this."

Also, this story is the first thing Inger Iversen ever published and for a something published for the first time she did such a great job. As always I loved her writing. It was beautiful, so captivating. I loved it and am so glad that I decided to reread it.

"I have loved you since the day I found you in the snow: broken and bloodied, praying for death to take you swiftly. I could see your beauty and spirit through the dirt and blood and I could feel you calling to me."

All in all, Goodnight Sam by Inger Iversen is an enticing story that I'm sure a lot of readers will think is amazing. It's a short read, so you can read it in one pull without stopping, except maybe for catching your breath for how heart-wreching but totally gorgeous this story was. Still five stars after more than a year for this beautiful story.