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Wants of an Incubus (Annabelle's Erotic Nightmare #1)

Wants of an Incubus (Annabelle's Erotic Nightmare #1) - Ashley  Hill Okay... Wants of an Incubus is by far the freakiest book I have ever read. And when I say freaky I mean from things crawling over walls, witches and talking cats. And personally the talking cat was in my opinion the freakiest and most unexpected thing in this book. But I liked it. Actually this book could be a pretty good scary movie. I can see it now in my head. But anyway... this book may not be the best short story I have ever read, I did like it. It was hot but it was also creepy. Ashley Hill is really good at writing creepy story and giving me the chills. I swear I'm going to have bad dreams about it. But she's also good with the sexual scenes. And that cliffhanger was also pretty unexpected so I know that I will definitely read the second book when it comes out.
As far as characters go, I really liked Annabelle (I love her name!). She's a nice character and I can totally see how much she cares for her boyfriend Henry (another name I love!). Annabelle's mother on the other hand I disliked greatly, that doens't mean I wanted her gone from the story or anything but, man, is she a... witch. If I'd have a daughter I would never be able to do what she did to her or if my mother would do something like that to me I would never forgive her. I do hope there's more to the story there, but I don't know... The only negative things I have to say about this short story (aside from the mother) is that at times I was kind of confused about it all. Like... bam! Talking cat suddenly. Yes, I can't get over that. lol.
Overall, though, I did really like the story. It was very creepy as was expected from Ashley Hill but also had some hot scenes. I would love to find out more about Annabelle because through the book there are hints that other stuff is going on. So, naturally, I need to know! Can't wait for the second part!