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The Protestant Reformation: The Best One-Hour History

The Protestant Reformation: The Best One-Hour History - Robert  Freeman The Protestant Reformation is the second one in this nonfction One-Hour History books that I've read. I first read and reviewed The Renaissance and simply loved it. So when they asked me if I wanted to review more I said yes, of course and asked for this one and The Scientific Revolution, which I should be reading soon.

Now I might not know a lot about this topic, though things like this have always intrigued me, I did like knowing and learning more. I especially liked the bit towards the end about Holland and Belgium, since duh, I live in Belgium. I didn't know these things so once again I have learned some new interesting things. And I agree that without Luther we probably wouldn't have our modern world like it is now.

The things I like about these One-Hour History books is how much information Robert Freeman gives us, yet it can be read in less than an hour. It amazes me. And the author is obviously very skilled at these kind of things. I love it. And though there's a lot of information, it's not like it gets boring. Not for me anyway, I love nonfictions like this.

All in all, The Protestant Reformation is very intriguing One-Hour History written and told in a interesting, quick and informative way. I would recommend this to anyone interesting in this topic or just anyone who loves learning more about history. Another five stars absolutely earned!

Also I must say that I'm very excited for the upcoming titles: Ancient Greece, Rome and The Middle Ages. Those three are in my top ten of favorite historical eras!