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Romancing the Bookworm

Romancing the Bookworm - Kate Evangelista I wanted to read this new adult book because I read Kate Evangelista's book about zombies "Taste" and I quite liked it so I didn't waste any time signing up to review Romancing the Bookworm for the blog tour.
However when reading this book I found myself disappointed by it. The characters didn't speak to me at all, least of all the main character, Tamara. I found her very shallow even though she's a size-fourteen. You'd think she would at least have some debt in her, but no, she didn't. I also didn't like the male lead, Xavier at all. I had hoped to at least like him and maybe swoon a little bit as is typical for a new adult book but I didn't feel anything toward him but boredness.
The overall story wasn't something I liked either. Most of the times I wanted to just skim over a lot of parts. And that's just not right with any book. Maybe Kate's style of new adult writing just doesn't suit me as a reader. Maybe I should just stick with her paranormal books.
So yes, Romancing the Bookworm was definitely disappointing to me but I'm not giving up on this author at all. I just hope to read more things of her in the future that I will like. But for this book I can't say anything possitive unfortunately. And I don't recommend it at all. I wish I could but I just didn't like anything in it. It's too bad but stuff like that happens every now and then.