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In The Beginning... A Galilee Falls Short

In The Beginning... A Galilee Falls Short - Jennifer Harlow I really liked this short story. It was very interesting to find out what Joanna was thinking when she went to that bridge with the thought to kill herself. It was also really nice to see what was said between her and Justin when they first met and how they became best friends. Even at such a young age, Joanna was a firecracker!

The Injustice of Superpowers was also pretty good to read. I love how it's written as an article and it shows Joanna's reluctance toward Superheroes.

But my favorite thing in this book was The Trial of Author Jennifer Harlow. It was so funny. I really laughed my ass off.

Overall such a good short story with three different things + a sneak peek of Galilee Rising, which I am so so excited for!