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The Scientific Revolution: The Best One-Hour History (Volume 1)

The Scientific Revolution: The Best One-Hour History - Robert  Freeman Thanks to the awesome people at Smith Publicity for sending me review copies, I had to chance to review this book (together with The Protestant Reformation, which I have read and reviewed already.)

The Scientific Revolution: The Best One-Hour History by Robert Freeman was another brilliant, interesting and informative book that the history nerd inside of me devoured quickly.

I've already read three of The Best One-Hour History books now but I am so happy to say that I still think they're amazing. The Scientific Revolution would be my second favorite (the first one being The Renaissance). It was full of very informative material and I've come across some very compelling quotes to which I will feature below.
But I must admit that for reviewing these books I've reached the point of 'what else can I say about these books?' because they've been all positive for me so far. I don't like repeating myself but still I want to keep reading these, or at least the ones that are about the era's in history that I'm interested in.

I've always been interested in this subject, the Scientific Revolution. Without all these events happening we would clearly not be living as we do today, that's for sure. I loved learning more about how it slowly came to be, not because of one person, but several. It also shows how people can change and not let one institute be in control.

Oh, and I also like the appendix at the end and the timeline too!