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Corsets and Crossbows: A Drake Chronicles Novella in Letters

Corsets and Crossbows - Alyxandra Harvey Yes! Another Drake Chronicles e-novella. I'm a big fan of anything Alyxandra Harvey writes and as always she hit the jackpot. The title alone is killer: Corsets and Crossbows. Awesome title and I love that it's set in the 1800's. I love novels from that time. Haunting Violet, also by Alyxandra Harvey is also set in that time by the way. (Go read it now!) Anyway... this Drake novella is about an ancestor of Hunter Wild (She appears in the Drake Chronicles) and the story is wriiten in a series of letters. At first I wasn't sure how I was gonna like this but it's really amazing! I kept wanting to turn (or rather click) the pages and read on and on. I loved Rosalind's character and of course the hot vamp Dante Cowan. I really liked how it ended. So romantic! If you like Alyxandra's writing or just anything vampire related you should go read The Drake Chronicles!