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Nordic Fairies (Nordic Fairies, #1) (Nordic Fairies Series)

Nordic Fairies (Nordic Fairies, #1) (Nordic Fairies Series) - Saga Berg Nordic Fairies is an unique twist on faeries that keeps your attention in an instant. It's an absolute page turner that will make you crave the second book as soon as you turn the last page. An awesome fast read, with a cliffhanger that'll make you gasp and rethink what you've read it's a must for everyone who loves fairy books. And even if you're not a fan of those, you will like it.

I loved this! 5 stars more than deserved! There's really nothing negative I can say about it. Except... that it was over so quickly. I found myself wanting to continue reading Svala and Viggo's forbidden love story. So I have to get the second book ASAP! I've read my share of fairy books. (Wings, Iron Fey, Fever series, etc...) I love them. I'm really interested in everything that has to do with the fairy myths and folklore but I haven't come across anything like Nordic Fairies before in other books, which is truly awesome. It was such an amazing and unique twist about them so I couldn't stop reading. The plot was great and the cliffhanger sort of shocking in a minor way.

The main character is Svala, who became Liosálfar Nordic light fairie thousands of years ago, so she could be with the boy who she loves, Viggo, who also agreed to become Liosáfar fairie. However, it wasn't without a catch. Each lifetime they live they have to fulfill assignments to do good to uphold the balance in the world. After they fulfill these assignments they are allowed to be together for some time until their next life begins and they have to start all over again. And if they seek each other out before their assignments are completed they will be punished.
In the current life Svala is leading, she is sixteen years old and one day she sees Viggo on tv and learns he's a movie star now. Assuming something is wrong and afraid that the dark Nordic fairies, Döckàlfar have gotten to Siggo, Svala wants to seek him out to find out what's going on. But seeking contact with each other before there assignments are done is forbidden. What she learns is that nothing is as it seems and she can't trust the people she trusted before. But is it true?

Saga Berg's writing was truly wonderful, detailed and absorbed me. Svala's character was sweet and strong. I also loved seeing Svala and Viggo in their previous life when they were reunited for three weeks. I loved how they are around each other and I could clearly feel the love they had for each other. It makes me feel sad how they are being kept apart all these years. Cliffhanger twist aside, I also loved the character of Svala's mentor Trym, who is really more like a father to her. He seems to really care for her.
I hope to learn more about Viggo's character in the next book because he does seem swoon worthy with his blue eyes and dark hair.

All in all this was a wonderful book taking you to see another side of faeries that'll make you almost disregard other fairy books. I enjoyed it a lot and I hope others will too.