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Freja (Nordic Fairies, #2) (Nordic Fairies Series)

Freja - Saga Berg Freja by Saga Berg is the great sequel to Nordic Fairies, which I read and reviewed back in May 2011. I also gave this one, just like Nordic Fairies, five stars. I couldn't give it any less. It was really good and once again a fast read. I love this amazing twist on fairies. I love them!

The story continues four months later where Nordic Fairies left off. It's pretty much all about how Svala and Viggo lost Freja, their daughter; yep, they had a daughter! *gasp* It shocked me. I hadn't expected this but I love it, even though it's very sad that they lost her. Awesome twist though. In the mean time Svala is trying to figure out what's going on between Viggo and Amanda Jones, since Viggo is apparently dating her. I'm wondering what exactly he is up to!

My favorite thing about these books are the memories Svala recalls and how she and Viggo have been struggling for so long. So I do hope in the end they can be together without they can be ripped apart for so long again. My heart aches for them.
I love Svala as a main character. She's not whiny or annoying, which is always a plus with characters and she's seems very loving and real even with everything she had to go true.

I was both happy and puzzled with the end where Alrik suddenl showed up. From Svala memeries I've read about him and instantly liked him. I'm wondering why he's there now and if he really will tell Svala the truth.
In the first book I had been wondering about Trym and how he seemed a little off to me. Now I didn't have that feeling so I'm intruiged to read more.

This book was 40 something pages so a really fast story that you can read in record time. In total I think there will be five parts so I'm sure we haven't seen the last of everything yet. I'm really glad for it. Now I just have to get the third book really soon. I'm so excited to continue!