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Dreams of Reality

Dreams of Reality - Beth Bares I read Dreams of Reality because the author, Beth Bares asked me to review it and send me a copy of it. I wanna say thank you to her for this wonderful chance and for the patience she had with me because it took me a while to get to it. (So many books, so little time...) But finally I got to reading it and it didn't took me long at all! Only four days and the book was done already. The last day I actually stayed up very late (or should I say early) to finish this book because I wanted to know what was going to happen. I couldn't stop reading those last days.

Dreams of Reality started out with an awesome prologue that made me go... "Yeah! This is something I will love!"
I loved it right away when it was about vampires and immortals. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm in love with vampires and love reading about them. So it was a very good start of book for me.

My favorite aspect of this book was this original world full of immortals, half-breeds and what not. I've never read a book similar to that. So it definitely has a lot of potential to grow to become an amazing world that readers will love and wish, just like the character of Elizabeth, to be a part of.
I loved the characters Well, actually I just loved all the guys. James, Andrew and Anton were so nice to get to know. I especially had a soft spot for Anton for some reason I can't quote figure out. I also really liked Andrew's sister, Claire. She was so much fun. I wish I could be her friend!

However... I wasn't really hooked right away even if I loved the prologue a lot already. I had a hard time connecting to the story and the characters. The POVs change a lot, so sometimes I was a little confused but that soon cleared up once I got more settled with the book's pace. The character I connected with the least was Elizabeth and this is too bad because the story is mostly about her but I did like her. Especially in the end when she got her cool powers and showed those guys not to mess with her or keep secrets. So way to go, Lizzie!
I also wished I had more background of the characters and more explaining about the awesome powers the immortals and vampires have.

I'm usually not a fan of insta-love but I liked it with Elizabeth and Andrew. They were so sweet together and they love each other so much. Also the romance between Claire and Anton was so cute! I hope James find someone soon too though. He was so sad, all alone.

Dreams of Reality may have its negatives but also a lot of positives, like this amazing world full of immortals and vampires you can get to know and such a sweet romance that makes you sigh out loud and make you crave more! Any paranormal romance addict will be intrigued to bite into this and not let go!